The Psychology Of Scrubs and Modest Good Players

Hey everyone,

My good friend Vanesco just pointed this out to me, and I found it to be very interesting.

Have you guys ever had friends who don’t go to tournaments, but are really really good? And then you tell them, hey you should go to a tournament, and they’re like, naw I suck, I’d get destroyed. Then they actually go to a tournament, and other people tell them they’re good or whatever, and their opinions of themselves change? Just really interesting how feedback from others will totally affect players’ attitudes towards their own skill.

that was an interesting little wiki article. thanks.

I think im guilty of that mindstate as well. The difference is that i still go to tournys to play and learn no matter how bad I KNOW i suck. Otherwise there wouldnt be a point in playing it as much as i do

Say I play against a much much better player, if he is in the mood to play against me.

he is a player of 10 (perfect), I am a player of 1 or even less.

If I play to my full ability (1) I feel satisfied

How the other player performs does not concern me, even if he plays for fun and loses on purpose.