The Psychology of Tiers

So over the past two months or so I’ve picked up akuma, and noticed quite a startling thing right away; many players completely lose themselves in the character they are fighting, which causes them to either make mistakes they wouldn’t on another character considered ‘Mid’ or ‘Low’ tiers.

For example, something I noticed right away is my ability to land jump in attacks at an alarming rate. I am mainly a Yang player, and I pretty much only jump for mindgames/whenever I can properly space a divekick/after a forward throw, because if I do raw jump-ins, I get AA’d. I get blocked and teched and set to pretty much neutral. I would rather play a footsie based ground game with frame traps, and dive kicking to catch crouch techs. But with Akuma, none of those things have mattered at all. I throw someone. I dash forward twice. I do Nothing fancy. But the complete and utter control on someones mind you can have with doing such a simple mind is astounding. Just the simple thought of that tatsu crossup into vortex, that super top tier strat eeevrrryyonne knows about, causes people to lose their minds, literally. Once I figure out a way to record footage decently, I think I need to make some sort of compendium of this. I can, 100% truthfully, do only’s after the throw in all three rounds against 3500+ pp players, and they just get hit. Time, and time again. Whatever tier lists do, be it help or hurt, I do know one thing for sure; They mess with people’s heads.

so you’re wondering why a character with better mixup options gets free damage more easily? this seems kind of obvious.

“so I just picked up 3s Chun… used to play Remy. is it just me or are people giving up free throws a lot more now??”

I understand akuma has better mix up options, but I seriously don’t even have to use them to get wins. People buckle to the simplest mindgames when a character has many tools to be used, even if you don’t use them, is my point. I don’t even have to try to mix them up. They constantly mix themselves up.

You’re mistaking “top tier psychological effect” with “don’t know how to play the matchup”.

Akuma can pull some hilarious gimmicks if the other player doesn’t know how to deal with them, just look at JR and the stuff he pulls off with his normal XX DF shenanigans all day long against random online players but changes his tactics and tones down his gimmicks when up against real good players.

I main Akuma and consider myself as a pretty average player, unless you face a really good Akuma, it’s an easy win IMO whether I play Akuma or several other characters that I use. Unlike Cammy for example, even an average one gives me trouble.

theres some psycology to it. ive notice people are way more agro when im playing a low tier. respect level goes down a ton.

Depends on the person. I think what has a bigger effect is historically how you have fared against a character.

For me it’s more about past history as the guy above said. As Dan I find Akuma easy to deal with. Juri and Guile give me fits, however, and I’m very tentative for a while until I can see their level

As Guile I’m the same if I see Seth or Dhalsim.