The "Pyrolee broke my fighting spirit" thread

Hey, Mr Quotes.

If you could, please remove that video from YouTube (or make it private) temporarily. We do no want any matches that were shown on the big screen to be available for viewing yet, as they may end up on the DVD.

So if you could, please take down the video. Once the DVD comes out, if this match isn’t on there, feel free to re-release it.


  • James

it’s definitely worth putting on the dvd from what I’ve seen, great match!

Nice vid. Glad I got to see it before it got snatched up…

Fiend’s yang is scarier than before.

I played pyro once at svgl.
Then I didnt feel liek playing anymore…

jal- sorry for bitching out sat, i was gonna lose 120% guaranteed, 5 bucks a pop means at least 150 for you, plus i forgot the golf socks :slight_smile:

deviljin- yeh i like to talk and play when i don t have to think to win. its a bad habit, sorry.

also, i wanna point out…
i own quotes in marvel.
did you get home ok? i don t want you to crash cause your eyes filled with tears.

KoFiend, just wanted to point out, your Yang is pimp either way, “almost” makes me want to play Yang, and btw, I showed some of your matches to a buddy of mine who lives near Chicago…he was going to quit playing Yang and switch over to Yun, but after he saw you play, it got him to stick with Yang.

Mad props to you though, we need more Yang players.

Steal pyolee’s avatar. I will make u feel better.:wgrin: Do it!

How often does east coast go to japan compared to west coast?

More often than not Japanese visiting America also stick to WC cause flight is cheaper. EC is about as far from Japan you can get isn’t it?

Yeah…even traveling from East of Japan it’s still a helluva flight to EC US. The only player that I know of that’s was currently residing on the East Coast from Japan is Issay and I think it has to do with his family having business in NY.

marn commented on august 2006, registered in january 09…what??
dont mind this completely random bump, i was googling pyrolee and it brought me here

it’s his 2nd account… and holy shit you did bump this shit. Back when 3s was still “alive”

Fuck SFIV :sad:

Just to answer and let this die. It’s not a 2nd account thing, admins just love fucking around with Marn’s join date.

You must be one of those guys that can get needles out of haystacks.


lol lurker