The Q&A Fuerte Matchup Thread

Sup guys, haven’t been playing much because I’m taking a break from fighters,ill be back soon though =) But yeah I thought I might as well try to help you guys out if you have any questions, I’ll be glad to answer them.

In this thread, you’'ll ask anything about a certain matchup, any type of situation that may give you trouble or that you want a little more insight on, or how to close gaps, how to position yourself for comebacks, how to control your spacing better, where you want to stand on screen after a life lead (not always the corner), how to deal with being in the corner, risk/reward mentality, blocking, tech grabbing. As well as some matchup tech, or slight ways to make the match go better.

Awesome, a new MU for 2012. I can provide insight on several matchups if they are missing pertinent info.

Also, getting out of the corner is easy with elf…You just have to have patience and don’t push buttons. Fake wall-jump bait is gdlk.


So Honda is getting pretty good buffs, last i saw, and I already have a hard time against Hondas as is. Any tips?

Seconded. I hate fighting Honda.


-always stand outside mp headbutt range when playing a runaway game, you dont wanna run yourself into the corner just yet, you wanna drag it out.
-dont get wreckless with run splash. honda got amazing air to air buttons. see how they react first, if theyre reacting to run options, go for run stop grab.
-patience, play the whole round. honda can give fuerte a hard time because hes just a wall, and EX headbutt hurts on counter hit.
-LEARN RUNSTOP PRESSURE, forces honda to burn meter when getting pressured, then you can bait and ultra. Also makes the different when you get that little damage in.
-ultra 1 creates screen control. Fierce Headbutt blocked standing is punished by ultra 1. standing outside mp headbutt range is the perfect range for ultra screen control, jump forwards get caught, mp headbutt stops right in front, lp headbutt is in range as well, etc.
-ex run through sumo splash, then RSF

  • upclose, stand outside mp range, mp beats hondas s.rh. (Buffer into run so you get a free mixup after, mp xx run xx stop xx backthrow prefered so you get positioning)
    -when cornered, do slick escapes, dont jump off wall right away, try to find a different way out of things.
  • alternatively, when hondas closing the gap and is only around midscreen, jump towards the wall, and wait for him to neutral jump, then jump off the wall over his head again when hes floating down.
    -tortilla setup, rapes honda. tortilla > dash once immediately > do tortilla to land on the other side > tortilla again when you land to get on his head. Catches backdashes, punishes jumps and sumo splash

hope that helps

dash once tortilla removes charge?

yes sirrrrrrrrrr

yeah, that and straight up run stop corpse hop buffer ultra/guac after tortilla pretty much beats out every one of Honda’s wake up options :smiley: is godlike during footsies too.

I used to think the same but its really not against honda he can just crouch wait for it to whiff then jab into hands you.

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yeahh is ok, it just comes out to slow, some hondas just walk forward and walk back then punish, i barely use it anymore now

not to mention that has 19 frames of start up and he can be hit out of it :frowning:

I like using far HK. But not against Honda.Far MP is better IMO. or crLP, though damage isnt worth it on crLP

any advice to beat bison and blanka???

2nd part is relevant to blanka. i think most of the stuff still applies, though i haven’t put that much into practice.

  • just tortilla when i predict that they’re going to wake up electricity.
  • slap/ c. jab when they blanka ball at you
  • U1 is free after a blocked ball

I’m sure other pple can color you in on the matchup better than i can. Also blanka got some significant buffs in 2012, so i’ll need more help on this MU as well.

if you corpse hop bison on wake up he loses charge.

K4mo, I’m not sure I agree with the words "tortilla when I predict a wakeup electricity."
Blanka shouldn’t be doing that anyway, and if he does, he is probably a mediocre blanka and can be beaten elsewhere in the MU.

Blanka relies HEAVILY on a life lead, punish him for it. Don’t take unnecessary risks on his wakeup, he can destroy your Oki, so break him with some safe jumps etc every now and then, and ALWAYS watch his meter.

You can run > slide all blanka balls on block. (U1 if you have it.)
Ultra 1 punish upball on block or hit if you haven’t been knocked down.
In my opinion, Rs.cmk mixup destroys him. Bait the upball reversal…burn his meter.

i prefer U2 to be honest , and thanks for the advices but i guess i have to be more especific to get the answer that im looking for , the thing is that i have some specifics problems with those MU :

blanka : my problem in this case is when blanka starts to use a lot of hops to get close to me

bison : i have problems with this MU when bison has the life lead and starts to wait for me on the other side , i dont know any good way to get in

any advice on those particular cases ??

I think U1 is a no contest for blanka. As for bison, both ultras have pros and cons.

The hops are unsafe, you can throw on reaction, or jab him out of them. If he is killing you on wakeup, just block until there is a gap in his pressure. Tech on reaction only if you can.

As for Bison…the matchup is really bad because he can escape your pressure decently enough, and you must always corpse hop. His offensive pressure is really really good…it is the bane of your existence.

Turtle Bisons really aren’t any different than any other turtle. He is playing the matchup wrong if he is hiding from you rather than straight disrespecting your lack of defensive options.

Use baits, fake wall jumps, run stops back an forth. Getting in for fuerte is the same as any other character trying to get in. (rushdown especially.) You are going to take damage getting in, evaluate the risk vs reward, and optimize. He can’t keep you out forever.

Edit: This is sPaB’s post…So I will refrain from cluttering it too much. As a senior player, and resident of this board, his words are more important than mine. sPaB, feel free to correct any mistakes or misnomers I have posted.

Curious on how one is going to deal with Hakan since he’s gonna be oiled at the start now.