The Q&A Fuerte Matchup Thread

for blanka, when you see hop mixups, just block and tech really really late. if he does like jab jab xx hop, once you see him hope over you, stand up and grab him. youll grab him out of whatever because hes negative anyway, so you have enough time, just trust yourself. and Ultra 1 is good, espescially with run stop in the corner if he upballs, than you can ultra him while hes recovering even on hit. this is gonna change in 2012 though lol…also ex rainbow roll escapes could get option select with

for bison, ultra 1 or 2 is fine, good bisons wont jump in the corner, so I usually go with ultra 2 for those clutch moments whether its to go for wake up ultra or wake up jab, or jump up etc. plus the armor cancel is a threat since bison can get hit by it easier, and its easy to autocorrect the ambiguous jump in after forward throw from midscreen and back. when they turtle, I always try to run bison in the corner, because then he cant go anywhere, try to go for tortilla when hes in the corner…if he EX’s like most bisons would, then next time run stop jump towards the wall behind them, and if they EX, then jump off the wall towards them and punish, or just continue pressure. also bisons S.rh gets beat out by at certain ranges, so once you see bison lose that charge, you can go for it…but only once in a while, since its easy to look for since fuertes so floaty, he’ll get in the air by bison then thats free ultra lol…

but yeahhh i think that shud be fine

Don’t get cornered. Run away. if you suspect Oil Up, full screen fajita his ass. Beware of properly spaced whiffed slide to buffered command grab.

so i tried these strategies today and they worked perfectly , thanks a lot now i can continue my journey to become the best online warrior :slight_smile:

hmmm yeah that makes sense. just haven’t had the top hondas I play with do that to me reliably but i can totally see how the risk reward’s not really there. i’ve been having a fair bit of success with that move but yea good shit, I stand corrected. :slight_smile:

Guy help ploz. played a guy I met before at Next level. raped 5 times in a row then we went back and forth then I got slaughtered 6 more in a row.

I have no clue what to do with that friggin bushin flip.
Q-bomb is not good against Guys air normals
Guy’s got better normals
Guy’s slide wins 99% of the time.

Let’s see if I can help. My friend is arguably the best socal guy player, and so I get bodied on the regular.

(1) The bushin flip is guacamoled-able. it’s just really hard to react to, but with the arc and distance at which our gaucamoles launch us, it is doable. (this is something i would need to work on )

(2) Bushin Flip right above you can either be a throw or a dropping elbow. The throw does not land if we are crouching, similar to fajita buster. Elbows, on the other hand, whiff if we use a normal that lowers our hitbox. I’ve been using “c. lk into RSP”. (Caveat: on wakeup guy can do this bullshit setup where you can’t crouch under the throw. Unless you whiff a normal that lowers your hitbox upon wakeup it’s a free throw)

Good video to watch regarding this:

(3) U2 is a 1 frame grab, not 0-framer. It’s usually used to eat reversals and crouch techs within a pressure string. Don’t get mindfucked by pressure strings. If you didn’t press a button, hold up, then punish.

(4) When he has bar be mindful of his EX tatsu move. Bait that shit out and punish

(5) Focusable are his slides and the Run-to-overhead kick(only at certain distances seeing that this move usually hits twice when you’re closer to Guy)

I honestly feel that against a really good Guy player, the matchup is not in Fuerte’s favor given the amount of pressure he applies in the corner. I’d test more shit out to contribute, but my setup is not with me atm. Home for the holidays and not in LA for the next two weeks.

im having alot of problems now against thawk its like i complelety forgot how to play against him , any advice??

Ok. so crLK. gotcha.

On the guacs vs Bushin when I was cornered bushin seemed to grab me out of it because he crossed me up. no auto correct.

I had success with Focus-ing the overhead kick. it’s certainly not abuseable vs fuerte.

Ironically he was really cautious about EX Tatsu and used it very very sparingly. under any of his panic time when I know I had him in trouble he didnt EX Tatsu.

He can option select the fuck out Fuerte. Run the hell away.

Punish blocked Condor Dive with U2 for freeeeeeeee.

@salazar Against T Hawk… ultra 1 and run away, ambiguous jump in setup gets destroyed by ultra 1.
run away the whole match.
tortilla jump ins.
dont do tortilla setup on him, u2 rapes it for free
ideal spacing is a little outside his horizontal condor thingy.

@densuo, Bushin flip - block low, you cant get grabbed, if he does meaty one dont ex run. also whenever you see him come down the elbow, u can ultra 2 it. If he does a block string and cancels into it, cr.fp and cr.rh beat it clean and you get a free mixup off anti air.

He has trouble against focus attacks, if he has meter and has a good read, he can break. EX run when he runs towards you, you’ll get a free RSF through overhead.

slide is negative on block, if he spaces it out right hes not at such a disadvantage. but if he spaces it out then backdashes. you can do an OS u2 cr.lp ~ U2. but your jab connects, just press the advantage.

his can be annoying since its 3 frames and has good reach, his dash is good and can go under splashes. so just be on the look out for that.

Guy has to get close to you to hit you, and he has trouble since fuerte can run away. dont be scared to throw out a cr.rh once in a while
ALSO, use far s.rh…its way tooo good in this match, if he goes for slide after tech throw, you’ll catch him. also beats out his run options.

hope that helps

I prefer ultra 1 for t.hawk. Does a little more damage (and it’s is necessary for a big-life-oponent) and u can punish blocked condor dives and whiffed command grabs with it.

I’m a bit bothered here. By two subjects.

Besides my execution, salt, lack of matchup knowledge, etc. I feel I can usually figure out a match when I watch it.

So yeah. Viper.

  1. hopefully Peru himself answers this one, where was the RSF? there were several opportunities where jFP clFP xx run xx slide was the punish. I get the feeling it’s nerves (understandable) and also just going for consistent damage since, hey, Viper’s got low health anyway, right?

This one is for anyone with Viper matchup experience.
2) why not focus burn kicks? Peru did great blocking many of them. But in pressure situations there were some times my mind thought ‘focus and dash out of there!’. It looks like focusing a cross up burn kick and dashing forward (fuerte does forward dash away from Viper, it doesn’t turn into a back dash) is fast enough to create distance. Or am I missing something here?

fuertes dash is good, but its better to block burn kicks, and there easier to see…if you have amazing defense in this match, and you always have meter, you can give viper a hard time…but viper got her little bullshit soo yeah its like 5-5

I didnt do any run stop pressure or any long rsf’s during the ft5 cause it was like 4 in the morning when we played so I was just playing auto pilot and not thinking. Focusing burn kicks is a terrible idea our dash is terrible so we either focus out and get stuck back In her pressure, or we dont recover in time and eat strong into thunder knuckle which hurts.

The best option is just block and honestly this is the number one problem 99.9 percent of everyone on this forum has they have no defense and cant just block.

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Hey guys. As of late I’ve been having trouble with the Ryu matchup. I know, it’s suppose to be the most basic matchup that one should know, but this and Ken are currently my most uncomfortable matchups. My win rate isn’t consistent enough against these characters. Maybe I’m just ass.

What I’ve gathered from my research so far is to:

(1) Safe tortilla, as it should beat most options [ I am certain I need to work on this, however timing it 100% of the time in a match is still hard for me]
(2) s. RH within Ryu’s range, as it would whiff low normals
(3) Cross up elbow setups
(4) Bait DP’s then RSF/Ultra
(5) Weigh the risk/reward of doing anything on wakeup (i.e. crouch tech and EX Run gets eaten alive by meaty EX tatsu. better to just block :/)

And yes, I’ve read Paper’s posts in the stickied matchup thread. Any help would be much appreciated!

Fucking uppercuts…

Get the life lead and run. If they want to chuck plasma focus when they have no meter, don’t over do it. Just guacamole or neutral over. but if the plasma is mid range tostada that shit. Remember that Ryu recovers faster then Ken.

Control the pace/distance. You have to otherwise Ken’s easy as shit clHK xx Tatsu into a mixup hurts so god damn much and keeps momentum in his favor while he obliterates your health. all their shit is easy.

On your wake up. Block. Fuck is Ryu gonna do? Throw you, crMK and the obvious crossup. If he’s ex tatsuing you’re probably trying too hard to escape.

Sooner or later they’re gonna DP. Bait that shit and punish hard or ex guacamole when you have meter.

Online? Expect a second light DP after the first blocked one. Punish quickly or suffer the lag.

If you’re keeping away effectively and they try closing in with Tatsu: lk guacamole, crFP (run xx back step baits DPs), qbomb(counterhit chance?), airthrow (insult) or crHK.

I always expect a fireball after a crMK. Fucking BLOCK.

I hate step kick. Watch for a cr mk from Ken after a step kick it’s a pretty common tactic that works on fuerte due to bad normals. Should be able to back dash the crMK.

Don’t forget about faking wall jumps. That, splash mountain, and stupid jump in attempts from my end are the biggest DP reasons.

Check your timing with tortilla. Shoto jHK is stoopid. I prefer spacing it well rather then relying on it’s invincibility versus shotos.

Step kick/crMK scares me. I’d rather not press buttons / footsie in this one. Though the occasional far HK should be kept in mind.

Dumb shit(grain of salt ahead)

QBomb is only good here if you manage to get them impatient spamming dash / step kick. Keeps’em honest.

Quoted for truth.

Cammy. Well, footsies Cammy not those idiot “IMMA CANNONSTYKE UOUUUU!” Cammy’s.


I find myself having to play way too aggressively and random to squeak out a win or two. I’m not really playing the matchup as much as just randoming my opponent.

Bitch can’t catch you and has no overheads. Bitch slap her. Run. You should be able to crLP Spywahl awwoh on reaction.

space out her spiral arrows so she can only get one hit on you, and focus bait once in a while. anti air with and dont tech grab, learn to make a right decision to jump away during her block strings. its hard to hit confirm from afar with her

Mmm jumping away from good cammys is not a good option. She can on reaction cannon spike and since its active forever it will hit you while your still in the air.

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