The Quake Arena Arcade GT/Discussion Thread

QAA will be out this Wednesday December 15th (price unknown) after three long years of waiting! I figured it would be a good idea to get this thread going, spread awareness and post GTs.

GT: Aftermath1349

I’ll have it day one and will likely be playing all day.

I didn’t even know that QAA existed until you mentioned it.

Why would you pay to play a game that’s free on PC, with gimped controls to boot? o_O This seems strange to me.

I can’t speak for everyone who buys it but i’m playing this version because I personally hate using a keyboard and mouse for games. Obviously thats an uncommon opinion but I see it like this: as of the last year pad players have shown that a stick is not necessary for high level SF play. Their are certain techniques that can only be done on stick but rock solid play can overcome those obstacles.

Either way, I put a couple hours into the game already and can say with confidence that it controls beautifully. Far better than I expected. Looks like the delays were a good move.

ppl ragequit on me already. add me im in rank right now