The Quality Of Ranked Mode Players - SF4


Hey guys. Really this is just an excuse to link another topic but its still a valid discussion.

SF4 has been out for over a year and all the good players have gone on to other games or are grinding through Champ mode in G1 and SG. HArdly any good players are in Ranked mode now.

I am a lowly G1-E player and I find it easy to beat 90% of the Randoms in ranked however I have only made a G1 final about 8 times. This to me is a HUGE difference in quality of players’ skill.

What do you guys think of Ranked mode now in the run up to SSF4?

Check out my topic in the newbie section where I am doing a Video Commentary on Ranked Mode players.

Ranked Nubs Online - My new video series


Dunno. A better question would be:

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