The quickest route to EVL2k3 from LAX

Like the title says : What is the quickest way to EVL2k3 from LAX? I’m from Atlanta Ga. and have only been to L.A. once so please no back ghetto roads shortcuts. Just stick to major highways and shit like that. Me and the wife will be staying at a hotel near LAX for 8 days. I’ll prolly drive out to Cal Poly the 1st day we get into L.A. after we get into the hotel just to figure out how long it will take from the hotel to reach evl2k3 on time. This will be my 1st time in L.A. on vacation. The 1st and only other time I went to L.A. was for E3 about 3 years ago. I had a blast, but I wish I went to SHGL more than one time while I was in town. Now it’s gone and I need the address of the other hot arcade spots in L.A. so I can visit them. So if you meet a 6-4 black guy with a southern slang rolling out of his mouth playing Hugo or Oro in 3S, then you know it’s me.:cool: I’ll prolly be in L.A. for 8 days. So where do the good 3S players in L.A. play at?!?!?!? That’s where i’ll be if I can find it while i’m there.

Thank you from your southern brotha:

Larry S. Dixon Jr.:cool:

So no one knows nothing huh? can someone please help a brotha out?:confused: :confused:

Well, this is what I am seeing:

Get to the 105 East.
Take the 110 North.
Take the 10 East
Take the 60 East

The 60 will take you to Cal Poly Pomona.

If you want exact directions, use mapquest.

how far is it from LAX, since thats the airport i will be arriving in.

I already posted this up somewhere else, but it is about 43 miles from LAX to Cal Poly Pomona. Maybe I will find a couple of decent maps and put them up.

i not sure the 60 takes you to cal poly… but i know the 10 does

After you’re on the 60, take the 57 north. Exit Temple, make a left and keep going. Once you smell the horses, you’re there.

Larry, I’ll holla at you about this kinda thing this week. We need to make a plan to get every EMS crew member together and roll on some 'cades.

Arrive at Onatario, California airport, it is much closer than LAX!

My advice is to take…

105 East
605 North
60 East
Exit Grand Ave. (turn left)
Right on Temple

and you’re practically there.

I don’t know but I usually try to avoid taking the 110 and 10 unless it’s late at night or something.

I posted 2 maps. They are at the bottom of the forum now. Check them out if you have any questions.