The R.U.N Dynasty Thread

New Thread biatches… and Juicy GIRLLLLSSSS!!!

this thread is for masta jedIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIsssss only

if you wanna post ask

SO MAY IiiiiiiiiiIIII


sittin’ on ice like santa claus

Bitch, you need to start posting as Captainsaveaho. :smokin:

Hey homos. I need to know who’s going to evo FOR SURE.

So far, it’s DX, Cblue, DEF, Dash, ID for sure. SiN is still up in the air as far as I know. I don’t know if Amir is going to be staying with us. I don’t know if LB is going. Maybe Rob might end up staying with us. I need to know, cause if so many people are coming, I’ll just book like two rooms that can be connected.

Let me know homos. I gotta book the roomo by next Fri (22nd).

Rob is getting there on 10th, he said he has a room already, but might chill with us a night or so.
So that leaves ME, You,DX,CB,ID,DASH, an maybe LB,SIn, and Amir.
I think you should book the connecting rooms just incase.

  1. if we dont need you can just cancel you reservation
  2. After a good night of partying i dont want to end up haveing to go to a room with people still up and playing and not being able to sleep.
    3.If everyone goes the we will need both rooms.
  3. we need a extra room where we can bring them JUicy GIRLLLSSS…
  4. you never know we might have extra people ramdomly pass out there (after playing to much or drinking).
    6.just get that shit!!!

Aight biatches The RUN polo…

The LB Polo

The DEF Polo

The Amir Polo
The Dash Polo

place ya orders…

lol the oG captaingetsnohoz

dont worry about my arrangement imma stay by myself so i can get some fucking sleep for once :clap:

haha. i bought tickets to evo. i’m getting in friday night. :slight_smile:
i don’t know where i’m staying, but i might stay with my friend who has a room at the strip, or i might stay with some nor cal fools, or i might just pass out in the halls and suck cock for showers.

but, def needs to post more pics i made for the run polo.

i made shirts for generic RUN, me, dash, and amir. :slight_smile:


edit: i’ll just attach here. hahaha. guess which one’s dash’s.

haha, fucking def using my creations. “LB’s” was for dash.

here is my sexy one.

and here is amir’s.

stupid fucking def fucking up my creations.

LB2 Polo


haha. wtf def wants me to buy this.

When your Powers combine…

so much sex. i can barely contain myself.

peter: let’s practice some cvs2 soon to get ready for evo

Jal is right we can get marvel going too… ESP since you guys are hella good at like every game. I can host one or two times but mexico is hot around this time of year.

When are you guys planning on leaving/coming back for Evo? I need to know so I can make arrangements…

The Plan is get there on Thur and leave monday