The Racist Thread?

Not actually a thread about being racist. But about racist things. Check it out, these are racist soaps. I understand things like Nazy cafe’s in Japan. But this, this is AMERICA FUCK YEAH!


Racist soap videos!

Of course it had to be an Indianapolis suburb…

Similar to the discussion that happened in Arizona over renaming Squaw Peak. Just because its part of history, it doesn’t automatically mean it should be kept. Just because squaw was at point or another meant “girl” doesn’t mean it was not later used as a derogatory term for Native Americans.

That guy needs to understand that it has nothing to do with political correctness but that the product he is selling is reflective of a time where people thought shit like that was acceptable. Understanding history is one thing, selling the bullshit and marketing it as “lol history” doesn’t do anything to help understand the context of the items hence he is just being an asshole.

wont someone think of the children???

russia is racist as fuck.

paging voodaz

i dunno how to view this. In one sense, unless it’s being made by black people with a sense of humour or some shit, Darky Soap needs a name change (or how about you just watch their sales disappear). On the other sense, black culture makes tons of money of racist shit all the time, so how the fuck do you really argue this shit?

Am i the only person who has a problem with the Obama chia pet?

I mean whos idea was that.

He’s nestled right between chia statue of liberty and chia scooby doo.

lol that shit was racist

lol @ “Gay Johnnie” soap

Do you guys consider anti-gay people “racist”?


Eh…gender issues are a lot different than race issues. There are some points of similarity but it really is a whole different bag of chips.

The worst pokemon ever:

Jynx - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

hey it’s mr.popo

lol jynx and mr. popo

HiiiiIIIIIiiiii. :smile:

Haw haw @ Darkie Soap!

I wonder what kind of scents they have: Kool-Aid? Popeye’s Chicken? Watermelon??

if you buy darkie soap, does all your white soap move outta the neighbourhood?

i like how they censored Mr popo to be blue now. LOL. akira toriyama was rasist

A lotta anime is racist.

Japan in general is racist.


I can tell this thread is going to close in a heartbeat…

:rofl: that soap is so wrong…it should be 10 inches long and 6 inches circumference.