The RAGE Pad by The Ace Theorist - Hand-crafted DIY arcade fight stick case. Updated 4/17


Yo, SRK!

I’d like to present my newest expression…

The RAGE Pad

Featuring unique color and material combinations with insane style inspired by the gaming era of the 90s, The RAGE Pad is an arcade-styled fight stick controller. It houses six 30mm pushbuttons and a joystick in the top acrylic plate, system buttons and connection port in the body inlet, and the controller PCB and wiring inside. The RAGE Pad is a “purist”, 6-button case that is compact in overall size yet spacious in all the right areas with a built-in carrying handle. The SuperHex textured body provides great grip and a stunning visual appeal while the base features a supple vinyl with excellent gripping properties and a comfort that will make you smile!

The RAGE Pad comes as a DIY case. No buttons, joystick, or PCB are included. You get to choose your own unique colorway from the options listed below as well as the layout for the system buttons and connection port. A matching acrylic dustwasher and stainless steel hardware is included for chassis bolts and joystick mounts. Also included is the stock “RAGE Pad” logo artwork which can be used as a template to cut your own personalized artwork.

Choose from 4 unique, light reactive acrylic top colors, 4 SuperHex textured body colors, and an oh-my-goodness-this-feels-amazing base in black or white to create your own unique RAGE Pad!

Acrylic Top Colors
Blaze (Hot Red/Pink)
Rush (Green)
Electric Slide (Orange)
NightFrost (Blue)

SuperHex Metallic Body Colors
Deep Blue

Vinyl Base Colors

There are two different joystick mounting arrays that you can choose from
The stock joystick mounting array on The RAGE Pad fits a standard JLF/Seimitsu joystick or any others that utilize the 4 corner mounts that match those sticks. An alternative joystick mounting array can be chosen for Korean Joysticks such as the Taeyoung and Myoungshin. The maximum depth of any joystick to fit in The RAGE Pad is 1.5" (38mm) including mounting plate.

There are four options to choose from for the button layout
Rising Fury 6-button
Japanese Arcade 6-button
Namco Noir 6-button
Namco Noir 8-button

I recommend Sanwa and Seimitsu screw-type buttons for optimal mounting through the thick acrylic plate (any 30mm screw-type buttons will fit). Snap-in style can work, but the pressure tabs do not lock and can become damaged from being fully depressed. Please note that the maximum depth inside the case is 1.5" so take that into account when choosing your buttons to mount into The RAGE Pad.

The original design “Rising Fury” allows greater spacing between the joystick and buttons as well as a golden curved rising button array. This layout offers a nice width and the largest palm resting area of the different options. In my opinion, this button array suits a more “emotionally outburstful” type of gameplay where the arm, hand, and fingers can swing more freely.

The next layout is the “Japanese Arcade” 6-button standard configuration. The buttons are closely fit and form equilateral triangles and a square. This layout is excellently balanced with The RAGE Pad and features a nice palm resting area. In my opinion, this array suits a crafted, controlled player with tight spacing for quick response.

Up next is the “Namco Noir” layout which seems to be derived from the Sega arcade cabinet layouts with some nuances. The joystick placement is widened to 95mm and the buttons feature slightly more space between them. I think that the 6 button array fits nicely with The RAGE Pad although there is less palm space than with the other layouts featured. In my opinion, this array offers a comfortable spacing with refined curvature that fits players with a uniquely tuned style.

And finally, for all you 8-button fanatics out there, I was able to fit the “Namco Noir” 8-button layout onto The RAGE Pad. In my opinion, I feel that this layout creates a slight imbalance with The RAGE Pad’s sizing, but now there’s an option if 8 buttons are a must.

The system button and connection port inlet is customized per order. 24mm is the maximum diameter I recommend for this area, but I can also do custom sizes as well as bolt holes for a connection port such as the Neutrik USB passthrough. If you have any questions regarding this section or layout possibilities, please ask and I will go over all the possible options.

External Dimensions
Length = 16.25”
Width = 7.5”
Height = 2.0625” (1.5” Internal)

Wiring is an art as we all know and wiring up the RAGE Pad requires a thoughtful approach. For the most elegant solution, I recommend installing a 12 pin “mini-pin” molex style plug between the top plate and the PCB. 7 pins for the main buttons and 5 pins for the joystick. Obviously, if you have LEDs or auxiliary outputs for your buttons and joystick, you will need a plug with more pins. Or, you don’t even have to wire in a molex plug, just go straight wire if you like!

I will be offering full builds and custom artwork options soon, but full builds take time and are always unique per owner so I will only take them on in a limited quantity.

Each RAGE Pad is hand-crafted, by yours truly, right here in Salt Lake City, USA with unreasonable levels of detail and quality!

Please check out my Etsy shop where you can create and purchase your very own colorway!
SRK, use code FDDFP for $15 off.

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to RAGING out your new RAGE Pad!

Madness cheers,


do you have any plans to make 8 button sticks in the future? they look awesome


Yes, I do have designs in mind for 8 button layouts, but they are going to be in a larger form like an XL style series geared towards modern consoles with more expandability on system buttons. Stay tuned as I should be creating an 8 button platform later this year… Thanks for the compliment!


I see countersunk screws and matching dustwashers :wink:

Great job on the quick update and add. These should sell very well brother.


These look awesome, would love an 8 button stick, probably would change the ball to a bat.
I would totally love to buy one if the price isn’t out of this world.


He posted the link to his Etsy page. They are $125. Not bad if you have some spare parts.


If you use that coupon code, FDDFP its only $110 plus shipping. B)

Personally I don’t think the price is high. If the sticks I bought today fell through, I would of jumped on this. Maybe in the future I’ll consider one. I do love the design.


Should have made it 8 buttons. @anUnreasonableWizard




@anUnreasonableWizard Uh oh did I make you mad with my statement that an 8 button version would have been nice? I’m sorry.


Haha! Why would I be mad? You made a comment telling me what I should do and I responded because I do whatever I want! Your revised comment that an 8 button version would have been nice is cool because I do have 8 button platforms already, but I didn’t release them as The RAGE Pad. The RAGE Pad is retro inspired and my vision carried me through to what you see in the pics above. Seriously though, I just couldn’t help but share back that quote you had in your sig, it was just too good!!

If you want to see an 8-Button pad, stay tuned because The RAGE Pad is just the beginning…!!!



What layout are you using for the buttons in relation to the stick?
You don’t have any squared straight-on view on any of your pics, so it’s hard to be 100% sure, but it doesn’t look like the Vewlix, Astro P1/P2, or Noir.


These look NICE. :tup:



Correct, it isn’t any of those layouts. The entire array is one that I refined just for The Rage Pad. Here’s an overhead pic from a few feet up.


Would you be willing to do specific layouts though? Id love 2 of these for my kids(training the future EVO champs) with namco noir layout and I love the 6 button design, 8 buttons = disgust.


Post me up a link to the exact 6-button layout you are wanting. I will go over the dimensions of the array in relation to the body of The RAGE Pad and let you know what I come up with.


This are looking great. I do want a second stick. Looking forward to see how the 8 button layout is going to look.


And I think there are a few more such as the Namco Noir Layout that I dont see there but really like as well.

The one that would be asking for would be the “standard Japanese layout” without the last 2 buttons.


Thanks for clearing that up.

Not knocking your custom layout (looks like it’s similar to the inner-6 buttons of the Hori layout as outlined on Slagcoin), but in line with the conversation happening with @DAyala, I think there’d just be more acceptance of your cases (more than you’re already getting) if the layout offered was a standard Vewlix/Astro/Noir that everyone’s familiar with.


Not that it was requested, but here’s my two cents on the table:
I’m active in single-board CPU emu and DIY arcade cab forums, and I’ve encountered a lot of builders who—even when I’ve brought slagcoin and its layout templates to their attention—simply contend that personal comfort and/or convenience trumps adherence to standard layouts. That’s kind of why you see a lot of pics of nice DIY arcade projects on the web with veritable head-scratchers for layouts. I guess “comfort” means different things to different people, because looking at some of those sticks and cabs makes my fingers hurt.

It’s really not until you start lurking in fighting game and shmup circles—particularly with Japanese influence—that you start to see compulsory adherence to button layouts like Vewlix, Sega 1P/2P, Noir, etc.

Based on what I can see, there’s not a lot of wiggle room in that case to start experimenting with other layouts without hitting the stick side walls. It’s not bad at all. If it works, fuck it. Just know though that interest in purchasing these sticks up in here may be limited with a lack of adherence to the Japanese layouts commonly seen here.