The rage quitting is out of control

About half the time I’m winning in a ranked match they quit on me. On the flip side, I’ve never rage quit when I was losing. So as a result my rank sucks and then rage quitters have no punishment. This needs to be fixed.

Amen to that.

i just dont understand why someone ragequits. its a video game. lol. it aint like people are in the running for 50 grand if theyre top ten ranked. but i guess out of the thousands that dont do this, there are equal or more people that would.

I haven’t experienced that many rage quits.

I honestly had this happen to me 5 times in a row.
Not even in ranked…
I put the room at 2 people.
In the middle of the game or right after I pick my team. (Sent/Storm/Cap)
It’s pretty funny though, wait till you get the voice messages lmao.

I really don’t understand ragequitting in player matches, they don’t even matter. I joined a room with 5 other people today, played Spiral/Cable/Sentinal and they ALL quit. Left me in a room alone after only playing about half of them. The best part is I had just started playing Spiral that morning, glad to know its already annoying.

If you pay attention you’ll notice that you get credited with a win. Not sure if the rage quitter gets a loss on their record though.

Doesn’t happen as much in ranked then it happens in player.

This ragequitting stuff is getting out of hand. It even gets to where you do really terrible, then start to make a slight comeback and tehy quit.

Just 10 minutes ago I was fighting on XBox Live and this kid tells me I’m cheap because I used Guiles low sweep twice in the match after i messaged him and asked if his internet was messing up. Yeah, people are really ragequitting over a move done more than once in a round.

With SF4, I had maybe 1 or 2 maybe twice a week, on this it’s double to triple that so far. It’ll probably get better as time progresses. They really need to work on a penalty for that. I can understand a connection interruption or you have to go eat or something and don’t have time to finish, but if you get reported enough times for it you shouldn’t be able to play the game online for 1 day every 5 complaints you get.

Here’s a rage quitter’s name on XBL that quit after I did two of the same move in one round: Ch1maira

PS: My gamertag is ZuuLspaceman and I’m on all the time if any of ya’ll wanna play someone that’ll never quit, even if you’re gonna perfect me. How else would i get better if i didn’t and why would I pay for a game just to not learn every in and out of it?

/end weird rant… shut up I’m tired

PS: Is there a MvC2 or SF4 or any kind of ragequitters list round here I can add to? I have my freakin’ notepad out for chrissake this has happened alllllll night!

It’s made all the more bullshit because it literally punishes only the people who have spent time supporting this game for years and thusly have become good at it…

…while allowing the noobs to get higher rating than they should every have…

It’s not even rage quitting anymore… its seriously just fuckers cheating… not taking the loss they earned… and not giving you the win you earned.

In the end… it will be ok tho… b/c against a lot of us folks here… all the cheating in the world wont save em in the end… in a couple months…most of the noobs will be cleared out and the rest will be vets who know whats up and woud never rage quit… or noobs who have honorably taken to the game… and are sticking around…

I rarely suffer a ragequit in sf4 anymore… the first few months it as 1 in 5 matches at times… hopefully mvc2 online will go the same way… and things will work out.

This is rather depressing to hear. I’d love to get into the ranked online scene in this game, but I have the ‘honor’ to not cheat my way through it like that. In fact in Castlevania: Judgment (that game’s community was ridiculously small though) I used to be one of the top ranked players (3rd on the online ladder at one point), but the rage-quitting / point cheating eventually made me quit because it became a meaningless struggle to try to rise further through the ladder that only served to raise my blood pressure. I was really hoping not to have to deal with that again =/

I really can’t understand why companies still make games that don’t count a disconnect as an automatic loss (think it’s not fair? get a better connection)…

Oops, missed that. If this is true then that is a great relief to hear :slight_smile:

Who cares? It’s really not that big of a deal. You get a free win if your opponent quits in the middle of the game and they get a loss. Plus, they’re only keeping themselves from getting better by not playing better players. I will say though, that they made a big mistake by not implementing some sort of system that can pair you up with players who are on your skill level. It is pretty fucking annoying to get 10 losses in a row to some guy with a fight stick who’s been playing the game in arcades for 10 years and knows every combo for all the god tier teams. Just saying. You “vets” don’t really realize this but it’s kind of tough being new to such an old game and just being thrown into the mix with all of these great players. But again, I don’t ragequit because there is a lot you can learn from going against better players.

In a ranked match at the character select screen my opponent jumped to a few diff charactrs before choosing then I chose sentinel, and as soon as I did his cursor stopped moving and he disconnected.

WOW wont even play against my shitty Sentinel!

really, i only had 2 since release and seen 4 in player matches, not too many, and I do play often when I get a chance

I care because it’s not fun. It’s like those scrubs at the arcades back then who walked away from the cabinet halfway through a match. Don’t waste my time if you’re not going to play.

I heard before the game came out that if you ragequit more than 10 times. They ban your account. Is that true cause that will take care of the problem asap =/

That is totally ridiculous and I can’t believe you believed that.

I care because I’m not in it for the ranking or anything, I just like to keep track of my wins/losses and someone quitting, to me isn’t a win or a loss and just pisses me off. Why play ranked if you can’t lose? These little bastards need to go back to their CoD bullshit and leave us alone. You know how insanely cool it is that you can play MvC2 online? I’ve been waiting for something like this fo yeeeeears. I got a 360 right when SF4 came out and am disappointed that kids buy these games, suck at 'em and give up.

I got 25 OCV a few days ago. The amount of hate mail I got was sickening. I’m not even good (i’m trying) and they all say the same thing. Stop being cheap, learn skill, blah,blah.

Good post, but i have to say that if i had the chance to play vs gdlk players when I first started, it would have really helped me improve my game, no matter how hard the comp happened to be… Be grateful that the game is basically figured out, and keep in mind that some of those really good players will actually help u out too, ask some q’s :china: