The Rage Quitting Thread


Thanks man. I appreciate the level headed response.


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Damn, I just suffered my first rage-quitter. I usually stick to casual matches, but I finally decided to venture into ranked and quickly got to super bronze. I went against a ton of super and ultra bronzes, proceeding to win some-lose some. But I then ran into a Silver, and I actually beat him. In the split second that I thought to myself how much LP I’d win, the dude rage quitted. I now understand how frustrating it is. He must’ve only gotten to Silver by rage quitting all the matches he didn’t win. The worst part is I hadn’t experienced getting raged on, so I didn’t expect it and never bothered to look at the dude’s ID.


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This is a Special Rage Quitter


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Dude send that video to SF5 twitter and haunts asap. They’ll dock his points for that. They will more likely take action with this player being that he is so high up on the leader boards. Nice Rashid btw.


He ain’t making back shit. He used to send hatemail back in Super. 6 years laters, still a salt mine.


Capcom…please, why that guy(ZangiefBorscht) still on Plat rank ???





Rage quitter’s ID: phish-






It kind of kills it for me as it does everyone else. I wondered why the last two days I was killing people ranked 30 or more thousand ahead of me. Fought a guy that was 909th and beat him. Received like 115 points for it. I was ranked 65304th. Seems like most of the folks in that tier are fakers. Fought a guy that was 181th with 11 wins and he won. Checked out his name on here and he was a RQ. Really hard even comprehend someone winning 11 ranked matches in a row unless they are fantastic…or have figured out how to buck the system. :frowning:


Wow. Just got one in a casual match!


Avalon343. 5K player now, I believe. Anytime he starts losing he backs up and intentionally lags the match. If he ends up losing he ragequits. Don’t even bother fighting this one.

Yep. Seeing the same thing.



He RQ’d twice.

EDIT: 3 times. Guess I’ll just not play at all since he’s the only person I’m getting matched up with.


I don’t have video because I’m playing on PC but some Birdie on a 6-fight win streak named yursan just ragequit on me as I connected Karin’s super for the win.





KenMasters11207 , straight up quit on my gold rank up win lol