The Rage Quitting Thread




Three more, let’s go!

CFN: evilchunli
PSN: nico565927

CFN: Shazoo
PSN: kyuubi9

CFN: belief
PSN: ypaoslol




I’ve noticed that when it says ‘connection with opponent lost’, it’s in the bottom left of the screen, now, instead of in the middle. I wonder why that is.


Add Stallion to this list. Ultra Silver cammy that sucks shit. Got bodied and then dropped as all he saw was one more scoop.


Someone please put the names I’m putting here in the op. I might not have video but I’ve been here longer than most of you have been breathing.



Ps4 Vega player


Even in bronze, cowards quits

Fighter ID: donniegreg

Oh, and this is from a Casual Match. Unbelievable

Fighter ID: **MomBlock


Just bought the game not too long ago, played only in casuals , on my fifth or 7th game someone rage quit in casual match ;(


This kind of thing is ridiculous. Not only posting the accusation without proof but insisting they be added to ‘the list’, the whole point of which being that they are verified quitters, just because you’ve been on the forums a long time. Unbelievable.

Also, Mr. forum veteran, if you bothered to read OP, he’s not updating the list anymore. Not that I can blame him considering the amount of time that would take.


Yeah unverified accounts can’t really be trusted. Especially since there are already cases of ragequitters trying to frame their occusers.


I’m seriously quitting ranked matches once I hit Gold. I have to work three times as hard to make these points when so many people ragequit on me.


There’s other videos of this guy on youtube, so he’s definitely a repeat offender.




Sareturu - Alex player - rage quiter.

Kill yourself


Any way to see the name after the POS quits? Unless I write it down first I can’t seem to see it.

#1904 This one got me a little annoyed, in the beginning, people where chasing the 4K for the gold trophy, I get it. But this is just ridiculous.


What mode were you playing in?? Your rank and league isn’t showing up there is that casuals or ranked??


I might rage quit and put myself in here.


JUST DO IT Dont let your dreams be dreams.


So many familar names from SFIV. Not surprised to see Sagex0 and Celestial on the list…

Came in here to see if a Gold bison by the name of Misterscissors was on the list since he just ragequit on me.


I’m not sure if posting here really helps the situation. But since many are doing it, hopefully it does help add to the evidence that the developers should do something.