The Rage Quitting Thread


I still dont think these are Ragequits. I’ve gotten that error and they were hitting me. I think the beta just crashes sometimes.


Could be, but …who knows


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Here are a few of mine from the past couple betas. Almost all of my ragequits have been from PC players for some reason.

Ultimacloud PC

That was not a rage quit sir that was a disconnection. I do not rage quit you can ask any player who has played me. From the top players to the bottom. Anyone whos been against me from F3Alucard to PXGICE ive gotten my ass kicked like everyone else and took those L’s like a man. Its a beta LOL your lp isnt permament anyone with half a brain would know better than to DC to keep points that wont exist in 3 days lol.


Dont get me wrong there were definitely rage quits during that beta I mean go look at Iredmans stream that was hilarious. I taught him a few things with necalli and off he went wrecking the 60K ranked scrubs with V-trigger into ultras and the rage quitting was quite hilarious.

However, under normal circumstances players quit just barely before they lose or during the K.O portion of a fight. In my case in the video above we were mid match. And I won 1st round it was 1-0 for me. Why would I rage quit while winning lol makes 0 sense. But yes man sadly even in the BETA there were players who raged and quit matches. Quite sad really.


Here is my videos of rage quit experience during past beta. I doubt there were connection problems.
I was finishing people with critical art so they had time to quit the game. Coincidence? I think not. :smiley:


Given that we were pretty evenly matched I assumed you had lost your will to fight after blowing all that meter in the second round and had decided to bail.

Would the Spring Beauty have turned it around? Or would the Kuru-riddled Cannibal have consumed another soul?

The world may never know, but good on you for setting things straight.


Haha np I am sure you will eventually play me in the game when it actually comes out I personally cant wait for player lobby. Also wonder if there’s going to be a way ps4 players can add pc players and vice versa or at least invite them to lobby. But im sure you will get your chance to find out if you woulda took the game from me or not :smiley: no worries I wont rage quit … OR WILL I MUHAHAHHA !!! jk jk lol. See you hopefully in 16 days friends and watch out for my necalli :smiley: im pretty dangerous.


Shout outs to Wolfman and Rivarsal for some truly douchey rage quitting when I was about to beat them.


Who cares? It was just beta. Find it kinda funna that more people RQd when I played Birdie compared to with Necalli ^^.




a couple of EU world famous players did ragequit on me. I won’t name them, but sure they lost all my respect. Ragequitting in a beta test is lame enough; after you already achieved great heights in sf4, you still can’t accept that the game is new for you too and that someone you don’t know can beat you? What a sore loser.


Yeah ragequits happened to me a lot, especially when I was nearing 2000 on Saturday. Three of them played Bison, one Birdie, a couple of Rashids. Don’t remember any of their names, didn’t bother capturing video. It’s okay, I cursed all of them with pestilence

To be fair, there is a bug in the beta where the game turns on matchmaking from the main menu if you go to the main menu after a match instead of exiting training mode, and it’s hard to notice right away. I was looking through replays and got forced into a match, it was annoying because I was about to quit the game and go to sleep. So some people probably got caught in matches they didn’t want to be in.


Don’t be a party pooper. NAME AND SHAME THEM I SAY!


There’s a fair amount of rage inducing moments in this game tbh.
I’ve played a bunch of fighting games for years and my stick has never seen so much abuse as with the SFV beta.

Besides people warping, around this game just has so little ways of opening someone up and when your opponent spams he same move over and over and over again and suddenly, out of nowhere he gets a hit…
I can’t even begin to imagine how many times I looked at the way I was holding my stick to find out that I was in fact holding back and I’m not going insane.

And then there’s people who seemingly block your super as if what you are seeing on your screen is actually the past…
Dudes randomly jumping for no reason and you whip out the super… during the animation I’d say out loud ‘Why on earth would you jump there?’ and then he magically gets sucked to the ground and blocks the super… like Wauw…

I don’t really condone the rage quiting but I can see why <_<


I didn’t get one rage quit all weekend, maybe I lucked out. I got one server disconnect, but it was in the beginning of round 3.


The casual matches where working for me perfectly in the main menu. That option is turned off if you are training.


I wonder if SFV will have an “ignore this player” feature. Probably not, but it would be great to avoid constant quitters.

Can names be changed on CFN? I know on Steam, all you would have to do is just change your handle and then no one would know who you are. This was a problem in L4D2 when trying to stop party killers from joining. It was also hard in Ultra when someone dropped not to lose that PP, would go change their name, and you would play them again without knowing it was your previous opponent.

If CFN names can be changed, I hope it comes with the penalty of nuking all of your unlocks as well as your online record. Yeah, fuck you.


I just want to give them the benefit of doubt since there is the uneven netcode issue (was fine on my side but could be lagging like mad on theirs) and because a couple of times the connection dropped on my side for no reason so it could have been just a netcode malfunction, though they were doing combos fine and the timing of the disconnection was REALLY suspicios. But I think I’ll shitch shadowplay on in the final version if I ever need proof in the future


Some of these look like they could definitely be the network messing up but there are a lot that look like they were just pissed that it was all going wrong.

I forgot about this one:


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To be fair SimSim, I played you and the battering I got made me take a break from the game and go and do something else for a while lol