The Rage Quitting Thread


rofl last round


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rofl last round


That was a pretty great sequence in the end, too. Rather hard to do those juggles in a row. Shame he didn’t get rewarded for pulling it off.


A Chun player named Zaphiah with 3.5K points

  • beats me first round
  • I scrape by the second round with Karin
  • I body him til he has 20% health and stunned then he leaves

I’m not even good at the game bruh, just take your lumps


FWIW sometime battle lounges break down mid match and its no ones fault


I’ve had fewer ragequitters lately (and being a player of questionable skill, I didn’t get a ton of them before), but I did suddenly start encountering people with suspiciously well-timed lag spikes. Like last night when I faced a Silver Gief. I figured he was oddly highly ranked for how poorly he was playing. We’re talking constant unsafe jump-ins that ate anti-airs almost every single time and sirens blaring levels of “I’m going for my super now”. But every time we got to the final round, all of a sudden there would be ridiculous lag at critical moments when the match had been running perfectly otherwise. I didn’t want to assume the worst of the guy the first time around, so I chalked it up to the connection suddenly getting interrupted or the servers or something. When it happened several rounds in a row, Occam’s Razor meant the guy was probably inducing it intentionally so he could land his SPDs and/or supers and I couldn’t time my punishes. Kind of wish I wrote the guy’s name down, because that actually upsets me more than ragequitting.



He’s been pulling this shit since the game was released. Hadn’t played for a while and up he pops, with predictable results.
This was like my 5th match as Guile. I shouldn’t be beating Super Gold players!


Oh hey, look who’s back! My first fight vs Alex, so I’ve no idea what the hell I’m supposed to be looking out for, but Avacadoneson just can’t help himself when it comes to pulling the old plug.


He’d been doing this for a while, finally got a recording.


I ran into my first rage quitter. =)


mayhemKing. I dont have video proof but he plays Mika which is proof enough i think


Ran off, pulled the plug twice

Whooped that ass and couldn’t run it back

#2690 Haven’t been here in awhile but “the real ks tali” is a mod for leveluplive / hope Valle takes your mod away like alpha bee idk -_-?


[quote=“LiangHuBBB, post:2681, topic:177607”]

rofl last round


Last round idk -_-?


tenyyyyy (platinum)






The nice thing about being stuck in shit tier super scrub Bronze is the lack of rage quitters.

Until the game runs out of other shitty scrubs to pair you against and you get paired up to Gold

Then you smash their face in.


I’m Ultra Gold and I fight with Bronze all the time, if they lose, they’ll lose 1 to 5 points only, and they do ragequit a lot.

btw the video isn’t working


Fixed. Someone should probably change the “how to use BBCode” link in the post box to point to somewhere that explains this.

Maybe it’s just being at bronze I don’t make people tilt so hard when I win? I do lose an awful lot too.


Not even gonna lie, if I lost to a karin like that, I’d be mad too. lmaoooo.

he put so much work in and them hit confirm supers did him in.

Karin 2 OP son.


Add me to the list, wont matter if i get banned or play another game, it ends in the same thing anyways. Defeat.


I fought a

What list?


I went from 2900-2000 due to being honest and being quit on. It is getting very lame. I take my big losses like a champ and get little in return when I do win, and get quit on when I beat people higher than me. I can count more RQs than points almost. LOL.


Exactly where I’m at. I feel like I’m stuck in the doldrums…like Sisyphus rolling his stone. Ugh. Screw it. Back to casual (where I still get RQ’d on)