The Rage Quitting Thread


The best is when the shit matchmaking matches you up against a RQ’er…then matches you up against them immediately after they just RQ on you. Awesome! It’s like a rematch where I’m guaranteed to just be wasting time! Wooo!




Add Jombinator to the list. Played him twice, first he had 77 wins, later i was matched against him again and he had 85 wins.



But he also systematically did the wrong punish combo (HP xx Moonsault up close, wtf?!) and threw a random CA on wake-up. At least he adapted to the Ressenha spam lol.


With respect your connection is absolute garbage, I would pissed if I lost as well and with Rashid he is very fast and tricky so you’re most likely going to get your hits in first on laggy connection. Still they shouldn’t be quitting at the end of a match. Sort out your connection though.


I have a fast connection, but most of the time I get matches from countries very far from me (happened in recent update), I’m suffering too. I usually leave the match after 5-10 seconds of 1st round if I don’t like it, but I can’t abuse it. If they don’t like the lag, why do most of them press rematch then?

GrayEXO = ragequitter


I think he’s right. You can’t wait to the last second to leave.

GrayEXO = ragequitter

Gr1ndburn = Pro Ragequitter


I’ll never rematch again


Another RQ, in casuals too. Pulled the plug before I could perfect KO his bitch ass.


The situation is very sad. Capcom doesn’t give a shit about RQ’s, and after the patch the issue is even worst




Is it me, or are people actually failing to RQ? Ive had a few matches that took forever after a match to get to the main menu option. This is usually after a match where you can request a rematch, but it takes about a minute to even get the menu to select previous mode. I dont know if this is just a hiccup in the system or the opponent failing to RQ.


Add Edgeyman to the list.

He dced during my livestream, so it’s up on there in the past videos, cuz i got too much space full to make a video.

Either way it was funny.

I got another one i had saved, but never got around to snipping it up and putting it up.

will soon.


Does it matter if people rq in casual matches because i’ve seen some people post some here?


why not? people play for Fight Money and EXP on casuals. if it’s just for the experience of the gameplay stick with lounge.


These posts are stupid. Please stop.


I guess this video still holds up even today huh?