The Rage Quitting Thread

Gr1ndburn = Pro Ragequitter


I’ll never rematch again


Another RQ, in casuals too. Pulled the plug before I could perfect KO his bitch ass.


The situation is very sad. Capcom doesn’t give a shit about RQ’s, and after the patch the issue is even worst




Is it me, or are people actually failing to RQ? Ive had a few matches that took forever after a match to get to the main menu option. This is usually after a match where you can request a rematch, but it takes about a minute to even get the menu to select previous mode. I dont know if this is just a hiccup in the system or the opponent failing to RQ.


Add Edgeyman to the list.

He dced during my livestream, so it’s up on there in the past videos, cuz i got too much space full to make a video.

Either way it was funny.

I got another one i had saved, but never got around to snipping it up and putting it up.

will soon.


Does it matter if people rq in casual matches because i’ve seen some people post some here?


why not? people play for Fight Money and EXP on casuals. if it’s just for the experience of the gameplay stick with lounge.


These posts are stupid. Please stop.


I guess this video still holds up even today huh?

SavonISR = ragequitter


No new videos since yesterday. That means the punishment system is finally working… oh wait, the servers were down for 10 hours. My bad


nobody asked you.

Edit: Add WorstGenRey or whatever.

he got salty second go around and got bodied by a super then quit. Rashido player.


This one was actually a good match and I was on the edge of my seat. Then the rage…

This one happened awhile ago and forgot to post it.


It’d be stupid if it wasnt true. I frequent starslicers stream and the amount of ragequitters he encounters in one session can be ridiculous, not only can i vouch for most the names hes dropping, theres archived footage for proof on his channel. He is not kidding when he says he doesnt have room to upload them all.


I actually messaged him after that match that he rq on a livestream, no response lol


Had a few people rage-quit on me today. At the risk of sounding nonchalant I’m not really that bothered to be honest, that being said I do think it hinders our ability to make natural progress through the ranks; it’s disruptive to the game; it makes a lot of players understandably quite angry and it is a bit annoying so Capcom should probably fix it: as I’m sure (I hope) they will in the next few months. I’ve only just made it to bronze and have recently actually started to show some improvement, yet as I reached the point I was due to rank up I had one guy rage-quit on me, then another 2 hours later (a silver). Upon seeing other people posting videos of quitters here I reached the conclusion that I should probably do the same. One was named ‘Crowdkiller’ and the other** ‘BBQSLAUGHTERGOD’**. So I will post both videos below, but on a side-note; do we actually expect Capcom to comb through all 54 pages of this thread and ban the quitters; or are we just naming and shaming those who deserve it?

Thanks guys, I’m kinda new here but love the site and look forward to being kicked in the head by some of you soon.

‘Crowdkiller’ is a rage-quitter (PS4):-

‘BBQSLAUGHTERGOD’ is a rage-quitter (PC):-



XStylin-- = ragequitter