The Rage Quitting Thread


Yeah a bunch. Incidentally only by Kens so far.

Where to Report Rage Quitters

Where are the match videos? Aren’t we shaming people in this thread? Should I get the bell?


You guys getting matches? damn!


lol No, I didn’t mean it to be like the old name and shame thread (but by all means if you have a video throw it up) but I do think its a problem. Have Capcom said anything about what they will do about this? I can imagine once the game comes out it’s going to be a lot worse when people are really afraid of losing their points.


I got a salty rage message from Mordesai as well after I won before he could plug out.
He said I had to go back to SF4 lol.


I take offence.

People are rage quitting a lot against me though, there needs to be a strict penalty in the final version or at least distribute the points properly upon leaving, the person who didn’t leave gets nothing to compensate.


Whoever merkcity is, stay free. Get good.


A Bison player named Reverse rage quits. He’s in the 90’s or 70’s ranking when I played him. He obviously didn’t quit out when he beat me the first time, but the second time on the last hit that would land me a win, he quit. The third time I ran in to him… he just quit at the VS screen.


My friend was getting hella quit on last night


I’ve quit and no shame. Having my opponent teleport everywhere isn’t fun.


TheWardedMan got deeeeeestroyed and promptly rage quit on the final blow after his wakeup super lol


I remember watching FChamp’s stream and some guy would just quit the game as soon as he saw him on the VS screen, I thought it was funny until it started to happen to me in the beta.

I think if we just get randomly matched with people in ranked (like it currently is in the beta), once people start to learn the names of people they just can’t beat, they’ll quit the game to keep the points and win ratio…


Here are a few of mine from the past couple betas. Almost all of my ragequits have been from PC players for some reason.

CaptCitrus PC

Spinister PC

Ultimacloud PC

mukkycat PC

salty_casual PS4


Actually had a ragequitter after getting lucky with a critical art after dashing. Jesus them points must be valuable or something :pensive:


I yelled when this one happened


That guy (Mordesai) sent hate-mail to my bro after being beaten, he also disconnected everytime we got synced up to play, we played one match and I won, after that he wouldn’t play me again. :s



I still dont think these are Ragequits. I’ve gotten that error and they were hitting me. I think the beta just crashes sometimes.


Could be, but …who knows


[quote=“xaaz, post:14, topic:177607”]

Here are a few of mine from the past couple betas. Almost all of my ragequits have been from PC players for some reason.

Ultimacloud PC

That was not a rage quit sir that was a disconnection. I do not rage quit you can ask any player who has played me. From the top players to the bottom. Anyone whos been against me from F3Alucard to PXGICE ive gotten my ass kicked like everyone else and took those L’s like a man. Its a beta LOL your lp isnt permament anyone with half a brain would know better than to DC to keep points that wont exist in 3 days lol.