The Rage Releasing Thread

Curious, who else has an uncontrollable rage problem and impulsively takes it out on their ________?

For me, i take it out on my fightstick. Let me tell ya, this SFV chun li madcatz te2 is durable as s***!

This is my modus operandi.

  1. slap the bottom right corner
  2. blurt expletive
  3. pick up fightstick with both hands
  4. stand up
  5. throw it down on soft plush seat
  6. huff and puff

It’s almost automatic. I could be laughing from a joke, lose a match, 1 frame later…RAGE!!!
Wife nicknamed me BP (bipolar). True story bro.

When I lose to dumb shit I smack my knee, look into an invisible camera with the “Are you fucking serious?” face or slam my controller.

I’m gonna need to buy a new one soon, cuz this game is on the fuckshit forreals.

I usually lift my stick an inch or two off my lap like I’m going to throw it and then realize what a terrible idea that would be. …then I hit X and it’s onto the next loss.

Ahhh rage… Back in SF4 when I first got serious about SF I had a lot of rage. At it’s worst I would throw my stick on the ground. And I even broke my cd.

It’s simmered down a lot now. I get disheartened now rather than angry, kind like “Damn, I hate how bad I’m doing. I’ll never get better.”

I think it’s similar to the 7 stages of grief. The earlier stages are denial and rage. The later stages are depression and then finally acceptance. Rage is not helpful, but it sure does take a lot of time to overcome it! The disheartenment I feel is not helpful either.

Raging from a loss has absolutely no positive effect and usually has a negative effect. It’s hard to think this way, but the best way to think about a loss is that you simply got outplayed and to try and figure out why you got outplayed and how to fix it.

And trust me, there are definitely times I’ve lost where I think it’s complete BS, like a wakeup super when they have a sliver of health left, and instead of getting mad, I just shake my head and kind of laugh about it. In the end it’s my fault for trying to keep being super aggressive, and my opponent had that read on me, so they let it rip and owned me.

I just never lose

Much more elegant solution

Some of us play people other than our baby relatives.

I try to laugh; but when it’s clear bullshit; I get a little hostile honestly. Nothing thrown or anything; just…well it’s obvious I’m a sailor at times.

I was talking about 3s specifically, xbl tells me my current winrate is about 91% and I think I’ve lost maybe 5 games in the last two months

so, allow me to retort! some of us just don’t suck at fighting games :slight_smile:

Some of us are in a constant state of gittin gud. No salt zone.


So you have played only 5 games the last two months? Ho ho ho.

One way to deal with anger is just breathing through it. Instead of going out of control and breaking something try to learn from the loss.

Even realizing that your losing your mind over a game is infinitely more useful than giving into rage and hurting yourself or at worst yourself and someone else.

Just tell yourself that video games will never have any consequence in your real life. And that you play them for fun.

(But damn, random fullscreen EX win with 1hp left…) :smiley:

I main Sean in 3s so losing is something I anticipate; haven’t played it in a minute though.

I just RQ if I get randomed, let it go through if the person tried playing the real game

My rage is getting less intense as time goes on