The Raging Storm 2009 Planning Thread: PHX: June 19-21st, 2009

Plans for the first SNK Major:

El Paso, Texas

Date: August 14-16th, 2009.

Major Games to be played:

KOF 2002 Neo Geo: $10
KOF2002UM: $10
KOFXII: Free w/registration!
KOFXI: $10
KOF 98UM: $10
SFIV: $10
Tekken 5 DR: $10

Staff members: Border Wars South Coast (10)

-Dark Geese: Raising Storm 2009 Head Organizer and Planner
–Sazae : Neo Geo Technical support, web support, and equipment supplier
-DjDelly: Neo Geo Technical support, web support, and equipment supplier
-Phoenixazure: Venue/Marketing Expert, Raging Storm Head Artist
-Kane9999 (Juarez, Mexico): Tournament planner and assistant
-Sanji Himura: Tournament assistant
-Webster: Tournament planner and assistant
-Rogueyoshi-Tournament planner and assistant
-Ryan Hart: Japanese Liason
-JRA64 aka Ryan Abella: Tekken Expert and tournament assistant

The rest is still in progress as we speak.

This is shaping up to be an international SNK tournament, just how I want it to be…with players from Juarez, Mexico (Kane9999, Rodo, Hugo, Esteban) coming and parts of the U.S with potential Japanese and European players coming over (Like 1up and Ryan Hart)

Appearance Confirmations: (Constantly updated till the tournament)


  1. Dark Geese
  2. JRA64
  3. Devildigimon
  4. Sazae
  5. NeoPenny (Who could claim both USA and Mexico)
  6. Rogueyoshi


  1. Kane9999 (CD. Juarez)
  2. Rodo (CD. Juarez)
  3. Lecter (CD. Juarez)
  4. Esteban (CD. Juarez)
  5. Hugo (CD. Juarez)



  1. 1up
  2. Ryan Hart

** Denotes High possibility **


  1. No cams allowed during top 4/top 8. Only staff is allowed to film matches at this point, these matches will go on the Raising Storm 2009: Border Wars Official DVD.

The Phoenix Major:

June 19-21st at the Devastation 2009 Event


KOF 2002 Neo Geo: $10
KOF 2002 UM: $10
KOF XI: $10
KOF 98 UM: $10

**** Appearance Confirmations**:**


  1. Dark Geese
  2. Oscar The Answer



I’d be interested in attending but if you plan on something like a Major then you need more games. I know me and a bunch of people from other forums, like, would like to see some older games. Hell the hardware is easy as hell to get if you have the people at involved. I’d even be willing to throw in some of my neo hardware and carts.

You all gotta tell me what you want then see that’s the thing…and what I want to set up is something so that I get people pre regged and we get this thing figured out…I have been thinking about this for a while and I guess I gotta put it out there so people can talk about it.

Tell me what games would you want and we will see if we can see how many would draw interest…what games would you guys be interested in seeing??? I’d make this a three day event also…

I think WHP and NGBC would be good additions.

Maybe Garou too, depending on where this is.

If this is being held in Juarez, will players need to bring their own protection or will weapons be available to them upon registration?

But really, how big are you planning to make this? I like the idea but I’m wondering how you’re going to go about gathering a large SNK crowd. Will there be a guaranteed prize pot for certain games? Don’t you think KOFXII will bring a lot of players if you were to host a tourney for it?

okay then we got this so far-

KOFXI- (Until KOFXII comes out)

No this will be in Dallas…not Juarez…I mean I could try El Paso lol…so Kane9999 can come over and we can get some International comp…its something to toss out…

I am willing to go VERY FAR to get a good crowd…like a big bonus pot from my sponsors they are willing to put up for the SNK games…If I can get up to $1000 I will…

Just an idea, I think you should wait until KOF XII is out to do it so you can have it in your tournament. That game will most likely draw a lot of attention from the community unless it completely sucks.

Waiting until KOFXII is out is a must so that can be played. SamSho is a staple of the SNK library so you need to include one of those. I’d say II or 5sp, the community seems to be more into those than something like Tenka. and again most of the SNK people from are big about using arcade hardware for a lot of the games and those SamSho games are a lot easier to get together.

Yea, I agree about KoFXII. This would put it on my “must-attend” list. Also, you should give enough time for people to ask for days off from work, or for other scheduling stuff. Especially if people are coming from out of town.

Heeeeey it’s back.

Okay…I am open to that…what’s your idea on holding the tournament in El Paso since I can draw on some International Mexican competition???

Okay then we can say for now Sam Sho II…and I can alternate between that and SSVS.

I am debating just having the KOFXII arcade cab at my tournament when it hits…I have debated that…what do you think??? I plan on giving people quite enough time in advance to ask off but thanks a lot for the suggestions keep em coming!

The Storm thread? No its not…this is something different… I aint reviving that thread…

Now whats the consensus guys on having the location being El Paso? Things are VERY CHEAP in El Paso and I can get Kane from Juarez Mexico over to increase the level of play EXPONENTIALLY in KOF…

Whaddaya say? I am sure he would draw more BY HIMSELF…

El Paso over Dallas? I need feedback…



I’d say this list and a SamSho game and it will be set. You don’t want to have to many games but you don’t want the list tiny as well. We will have actual arcade hardware for half the games which gets a lot of people out there (it really is a big thing to me for SNK games) and there are great ports for the rest (or at least we hope that 02UM and XII will be good).

I wasn’t even talking about the storm thread. but alright.

Those three games is all you need and all you can take seriously. I got nothing against Sazae but all the games he mentioned will not get a big turnout at all. Maybe Garou but that will be it. Both UMs and XI are battle tested for lack of a better word. We have to stop focusing on the old titles and move on for once. The UMs are the future of the competitive KOF scene. If only I lived in Texas, I would definitely take part in your tournament. Best of luck in running the tournament.

okay well I posted in GD in so I wanna see what they think about it as well…

Whats your take on El Paso being the location?

So then we got:

KOFXI (To be replaced by KOFXII)
Sam Sho II

Sound about right?

Well you know where I “really” hang out…this place ain’t it lol.

Those games are the future but the SNK community that does travel are the ones that like the old system (MVS and AES) and those older games. You have the mix of both so you can get the guys in that remember playing this stuff back in the day and keep them there with the new stuff that they will be playing in the future. It’s weird to think of it on here but I know of more people to travel for a gathering that has Metal Slug and the puzzle and shooter games than those that go for the KOF games.

Okay then what would you suggest I tell the NG Community that is bringing their hardware etc? I know those three (and esp KOFXII when it hits) are gonna draw HUGE CROWD…make no mistake about it…at EVO alone 98UM drew 33 people…I know 2002UM is gonna draw similar and then when we got 2002UM, 98UM, and KOFXII thats gonna be a LETHAL COMBINATION.

This is true…I mean hell Twinkle Star Sprites could be a nice “Mystery SNK tournament thing” to spice it up…

I mean guys I’m thinking about giving away a PS3 to the winner of the biggest SNK tournament…stuff like that is what I am talking about too…for real…

Um, you know the winner of these tournies will likely already have a PS3 (or at least 360)

As for what to run: wait until XII is out to have any chance, then run the big 3 KOF’s. Anything else will be minor.

And run SF4. Don’t laugh.