The Raiden Thread - Pretty GDLK



This thread will be composed of combos, videos, and strats for the character Raiden. Be supportive and helpful, and help support fellow Raiden players.

This is a good place for info, and I will be pulling out info from it from time to time, for convenience. Please, do not credit me, credit the OP.
Since some of us are new, if you have trouble reading the notation or whatever, visit this thread.



*All specials have an EX version

D,B+LP - Lightning - Basic zoning tool, unsafe at close range.

D,F+HP - Electrocute (shocker) - Good combo tool, can combo afterwards, unsafe on block.

B,F+LK - Electric Fly (aka DA SUPERMAN, johnnyboughtacar, Santa Monica, tornado…) - Good combo ender and good for surprises. Knockdown can lead to teleport setups. Safe at a certain range.

D,U - Teleport - Teleport that takes you behind or in front of the opponent. If the opponent is in the corner you will teleport in front of them with your back turned. Use sparingly in strings and for opponents wakeup.

D,B+HP - Vicinity Blast (Up Spark) - Combo tool, not useful as an anti air ironically.











D,F,D,F, LP - Just A Scratch (jump distance)

(Locked) - I haven’t gotten this yet…

Fast Tags

LK, LK, HK, Tag

B+LK, LP, HP, Tag

F+HP, HK, Tag

Tag Kombos

HP, HP, Tag

B+HP, F+LP, Tag

F+HP, LK, Tag




J. HP > st. LP, st. HP, st. LP > QCF + HP(shocker) > B + LK > B, F + LK (johnnyboughtacar) = 29%

J. HP > st. LP, st. HP > QCF + HP(shocker) > B + LK, LP, HP > B, F + LK (Tornado)

(J.HP) > st. LP, st.HP > QCF+HP > s.HP > QCB+HP > B,F+LK = 26% (w/out jump in)

(J.HP)> Back LK, St.LP, St.HP, DASH>St.Lk, St.LK, St.HK> Electric Fly = 28%

HP, LP, HP, Shocker, B+LK, LP, HP, Electric Fly

LK, LK, HK >Teleport, Shocker > HP > Vicinity Blast > Electric Fly 34%

LK, LK, HK > Teleport, Shocker > B+LK, LP, HP > Electric Fly

B+LK, LP, HP > Dash, Shocker > B+LK, LP, HP > Electric Fly

F+HK > Dash > Shocker > B+LK, LP, HP > Electric Fly

F+HK > Shocker > F+HP, HK > Electric Fly ( corner only, mix up starter strings at the start for variance)

X-Ray Combos

F+HK > Shocker > B+LK, HP > X-Ray

HP, LP, HP > Shocker > B+LK, HP > X-Ray

B+LK, LP, HP >Dash> Shocker > B+LK, HP > X-Ray

F+HK > Shocker > F+HP, HK > D+HP > X-Ray (corner only, use a different starter string for variance)



J. HP > st. LP, st. HP > QCF + HP(shocker) > B + LK, LP, HP > B, F + LK (Tornado)


J. HP > st. LP, st. HP, st. LP > QCF + HP(shocker) > B + LK > B, F + LK (johnnyboughtacar) = 29%


Thank you and updated.


J.HP> Back LK, St.LP, St.HP, DASH>St.Lk, St.LK, St.HK> Electric Fly (<-,-> LK) not sure how much it does with J.HP. With out it the combo does 28%, so with J.HP it must be about 30%.


So yeah Raiden might be the online stomping king. His basic combo string has an overhead so you can just destroy people online with it. Also, his teleport is amazing. Does anyone know the details for it, like recovery and startup?


i found a 35 percent meterless bnb that carries from almost corner to corner thats got a relatively easy input the only tricky part is the shocker part, and that merely requires good timing through the combo, it has no dash or teleport and does pretty beast damage

if someone wants to remake this pleease to i have know means to making a viable video [media=youtube]AmXKEXwh91Q[/media]

<-lk lp hp <-lk lp hp shocker grab <-lk electric fly


I just made a 39% meterless combo!!!
Its kind of hard to do but its pretty sick!
j.HP>LK,LK,HK>teleport>Electric grab>LP>Vicinity Blast>B+LK>Superman

I also made a 41% wall combo that also uses no meter.
J.HP>LK,LK,HK>Vicinity Blast>LP>Vicinity Blast>LP>Vicinity Blast>LP,HP,LP,HP>Electric grab>Superman



Nice, I’ll add that soon. I’ve been updating the Sonya thread but I’ll be working on this one next.

Be sure you study the guide on, since its pretty good.


YouTube - Damdai in the Lab with Mortal Kombat 9

Dude came up with a pretty fuckin raunchy 43% meterless Raiden combo.
I’m wondering if maybe adding X-Ray at the end would be worth it. Prolly not, but still.


I did a 41% combo. Then I did the same combo but stopped 2 hits short to be able to land the X-ray move. It ended up doing 45% IIRC.

So IMO It’s not worth doing an X-ray move unless you do it early in the combo.


What are Raiden’s best punishers to use after a block string??


To my knowledge I would say any combo that starts with a jab. You could do lp,hp,lp>shocker>lp>vicinity blast>B+lk>super man.


his teleport is omgwtfbbq, that’s all i have to say.

the recovery is so short it’s almost like you can literally spam it non-stop and never get punished.


Tom Brady just said he is #2 so now im in this thread. Hey guys.


LP, HP, LP, 26HP, LK, LK, HK, 46LK - try that for a 48-52% combo, 12 hit


I’ve been trying to think of the best way to play him. So far IMO I think you should constantly be teleporting for non-stop aggression. I think Raiden is one of the aggressive characters in the game if played so. Out of all his moves, his teleport is definitely his best. With his superman coming to a close second. His super man comes out a little slow, but is extreamly good at punishing jump ins and aways. I have yet to try teleporting after a jump away and see if I could use shocker to get a bigger punish. Someone should try that out and see how well it works.
I also think Raiden if one of the better punishers in the game because of his OP teleport. I did some messing around at what kind of punisher combos i could do after i teleport behind them and the best combo to make sure you hit them is B+lk,lp,hp>dash>shocker>lp>vicinity blast>B+lk>superman I can’t remember exactly how much it does but I know its around 35%


When my friend played Raiden for the first time and went trough the movelist we were like That teleport sure looks nice, this guy looks promising… Today, after 1 day of practice, he OCVed my teams almost every time when we played versus tag :smiley:

Insane character. He’d be good even with mediocre teleport since he’s so fast and well rounded. But with the current teleport… No comment.


Teleports get me killed too often than not, at least on netplay cause I can’t react to anything.