The random power of sentinel comment thread



Chat away bc sentinel is my favorite character:D :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

unfly lk fast fly combos are the best.

Plus i’m starting to think that magneto can beat sentinel:eek:



I think Mags vs Sent is still a match in Sents favor.

Mags has a very good chance in this fight but he has to be very very patient and block a lot while waiting for an opportunity to get in, and not every Magneto is that patient. Mags has to wait for Sent to make mistakes in order for him to get in, but even then Mags can only inflict so much damage, then the match resets and Sent has the upper hand again. In this case Sent can rush Mags carefully from time to time, this way inflicting more damage than just the little chip he gets here and there when he’s zoning Mags.

Of course, most Mags go for the snapback once they get a hit on Sent, and that may give the win in that match to Mags, but then again, that’s not Mags vs Sent right there, that’s more of a strategy on how to beat Sent TEAMS.

The only match I think Mags wins against Sent is Mag/Doom vs Sent/Capcom. Mags just gets close once and that’s it, Sent is basically playing without an AAA(capcom will just get hit by Doom everytime), and on top of that, Sent is getting chipped by Doom while Mags trijumps/crosses up all day freely without the worry of getting hit by Capcom.

Yes, I love Mag/Cable/Doom against Sent/Storm/Capcom :stuck_out_tongue: .


mag vs sent is still one of the most interesting matchups in mvc2. really it can go either way.

Goofy: some of what you said was on the money, but some of it was crap.

I’m not sure mag has to be patient. And even if he does, who says he can’t be. thats just stupid. also, mags really only needs one touch and a reset or two to kill sentinel.

btw doom isn’t gonna counter commando everytime. there is no good counter for commando. tron and doom do their best, but commando is assist is a monster regardless of what you have to fight it with. doom has to come out before commando too stop the corridor. if they get called at the same time and you aren’t right next to the opponent doom is going for a ride.


I never said he can’t be patient, I just said that most Mags aren’t…that ones that are are the ones winning of course, but that you know.

I did mention that Mags had to be up close for Doom to counter Capcom everytime…I never said Doom would counter from anywhere on the screen.

EDIT: Maybe I exagerated a bit, that’s prolly why you got the wrong impression from what I really wanted to say.

What I just meant to say is that IMO Mag/Doom beats Sent/Capcom…I posted to much :lol: .


alright man, gotcha.


Sentinel Vs Sentinel is a fun fight that comes down to baiting, fast flies and more baiting:p

I’m not great at this but i can try a little somthing

On the ground i’ll spit fly just to throw it out there and get started, i like to stay about 3/4th of the screen away from the other sentinel if i’m flying around(never close enough to get hit with a jumping lk into fast fly)

Dashing in then dashing out to bait commando is a good way to get your positioning started since you just counter call your own and then race to the top of the screen:lol: then go crazy.

sj lk, fast fly lk,+commando,lk, rp is really useful when a sentinel is trying to manuver around you in flight mode(flying where they shouldn’t, good sent’s really wont’ do this, i dunno why i wrote that lol).

I’d like to approach this fight from as many angles as possible so people post up some situations so i can post some counters and try to drop some knowledge:D


Yea sent is great and all, but can someone give me any tips for this?, s.lp xx (after first hit) lp rp XX HSF, lp rp XX HSF… what is the best thing to do after this? Without any more meter left that is.


realy there is 2 ways to end the HSF trap 1 is to in a corner dash or wavedash forward right when your aloud free movment and launch follow the launch with a fast fly or a reset your choice and 2 in mid screen or if their a semi-good distance away from you either dash and jump in and stomp them into the ground ie… dash,,, xx fly,,, f.fp, unfly, c.fp] repeat [] or just go straight to fly wat ever is ezer and pending on the distance you are from the other player

But this is all i realy can give for now untill i can think of some more things hope this helps


Sent/tron…especially when sent has unfly…this duo seems to be VERY deadly. ESPECIALLY FOR A MAGNETO!!! I just wanted to see what people think of sent/tron.

the best thing is…when u start a mini-rushdown with sent…j.lp +tron, j.lp is TOO GOOD!! great way to start a match off against anybody but magneto with psy or cyke. anybody that has strats or opinions…u dun have to have played them either, u coulda played against them n have sumtin to say.


i love tron, so i gotta give mad props to any team that uses her…but the only problem with your team is that you dont have any anti-air. So mag can just super jump, dash forward f.punch f.kick crossovers for free. At least a good mag would do this.

Sentinel needs a way to keep mag away. Tron is the truth and she does hurt, but mag/storm/tron is better than mag/sent/tron or mag/cable/tron, etc.

give team m/s/t a try


how come Sentinaaall! doesn’t have a higher sentinel av?

My random comment is Sentinel is “friendly” to play.
P.s. I like your av, its the best!!!


reason i dont have a higher sentinal avatar is my sentinal is still on a lower level. on the other hand my cable…that’s why i have higher cable av

anywayz what’s up with your sig? ARE YOU CRAZY? :eek: by now we should know which characters are lame? yeah we should, but your list is totally whack. we should avoid playing storm? you must know something i dont. characters we should avoid are like jin and roll. cyclops, cammy, and strider are almost top tier characters. Run that by anybody who knows anything about mvc2 and they’ll agree.

you need to check yoself,:lol:


all these characters get pwned by Sentinel. My sentinel beats all these characters (at least the people I play) for very CHEAP price. (Its not free, but it might as well be). Btw those are characters I avoid playing And i believe the game would be better if only magneto, cable, sentinel, and commando were the only selectable character.

Random question: Is it good to chipped people to death with five bars?


ok, well whoever you play with SUCKS d ballz. Sorry no comp in your town. Storm is considered to be the best in the game by almost all top players. Storm rapes sentinel. Personally i believe that cable is the best. Oh yeah, a good cyclops can own sentinel for free. You should really come down to FL that’s where all the comp is at.

P.S. chip to death with five bars every chance you get. It’s a free win. You’ll feel cheesy, but marvel is a cheesy game.



… sentinel is # 1 and storm has a hard time vs careful sentinels which DONOT fly up while storm has a LA etc.


This is mixup nigga, you’re WRONG!!!


Hmm, someone mentioned a reset with sentinel? Can you list some good ones?

I have a couple of questions:
#1) What is so good about sentinels fast fly combos? Do they do more damage than a normal AC?
Okay, the basic one is launch, sj lk, fly, lk + commando, rp right?
What do you need to fly foward after you cancel into fly in order for the next lk to hit?
Can you follow up this combo with anything else?

#2) Okay, in the corner, I do: Launcher, air combo, rocket punch, fierce punch, roundhouse. I see other people follow it up with other stuff. what is the rest of this combo?

#3) I notice some people can immediately fly after a fierce throw and follow it up with light kicks and some combo. What’s the timing on this. I always try to fly and hit them with light kicks after a throw but i can never seem to get the timing down.

#4) When punishing assists, I call out commando, then while flying, light kick, rocket punch, fly foward, light kick, rocket punch.
I can only link two of them though. Are there any variations on this that allow more hits? Is there any way i can keep calling out commando while doing this so i can add more damage.

oh and a noob questoin, how do you rocket punch up?

:cool: eheheh im noob.

edit ooh and what are some guard breaks. right now all i try is jump up fierce, fly (wait), light kick, rocket punch.

Are there any more practical (easier) ones to time/do.



That corner combo you speak of after the RH is a lk and a fp.

rocket punch up = dragon punch potion + lp or hp.


fast fly combo of launcher, jab jab (short short misses on smaller characters ive noticed but jab jab always lands for me), fast fly, lk+commando, FP, rocket punch takes off 85 pts on cable vs launcher aircombo rp which takes off about 65. if you can get the basic manual fast fly combo which is (opponent in air) jump lk , fastfly, lk+commando, fp, rp. that takes 69 pts off cable. fast fly is just too good.

i think they’ve already activated fast fly before they throw their opponent…like launch, lk, lk, fly, lk, lk, throw???

the reason to fly before you throw is so you can call an assist after the throw…basic corner combo
launch, lk, lk, fast fly, throw, lk+capcom, fp, rocket punch leaves cable with about an inch of life left. the throw is techable but it’s fast so you might catch newbies offguard with it.

you can also do a fast fly, lk,lk, dp rp, throw, lk+capcom, fp, rp and that leaves cable with about half an inch of life.


does anyone here know the 5 rocketpunch corner combo?
And what is you alls favorite fly-assist combo?