The Rap Thread: News, Reviews, Rants, Opinions Vol 8 - We still don't know bout Wu-Tang

Ok last round you muthafucca went Forum Gold… I need platinum. So here is your advance on posting:

**1)Discuss rap news, album reviews, etc. all on this thread. BASICALLY EVERYTHING DEALING WITH THE GENRE OF HIP HOP

2)No more of this some crew vs. some crew shit either.

3)No posting links to any file downloads. Use AIM or PM’s in order to communicate that.

4)DO NOT POST THE WHOLE ARTICLES. Post the link to the article.

5)Hold respectable argument. Do not flame someone cause they like a particular group. State your disagreement.

  1. New comers… Please understand MAJORITY of the older members know a significant amount of knowledge or may have discussed a particular topic. Try to go ‘with the flow’ as discussing the topic at hand. Trust me, this topics change constantly.

  2. New comers pt. 2. Please do not come into the thread asking who listens to a particular artist or what you think is the greatest. It will get you no where. watch the thread. We not only have musicians/industry insiders/album reviewers but people who listen to a BROAD range of music in rap (underground, midwest, west coast, east coast, down south, international) .

**Use your fucking heads.

Now go out an get make me a platinum thread

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Lets do Get Rich or Die Tryin Numbas!!!re-post:

That Gap Band Oops Upside Ya Head helped make some dope tracks,“Just cuz you don’t beleive that i wanna dance,dont mean that i dont want to” is one of my fav melodies:




i hope the slim shady cypher is a lot better than the trash BET released so far.
french montana had the best verse out of both cypers, IMO, but it was mad dry.

Barbershop is open…

jay rock did his thing.

So I bought “The Art of Noise” to get my hands on “Moment in Time”…the puddin snatchin song of the century…and then my ipod cable died on my again. DAMMIT. I guess I got ot run to 5 Below (oh yeah!) and scoop a couple more cables.

So Z-Ro folks, what’s considered his best effort, was bumpin his last mixtape this morning and the joint had me fiendin for a lil-mo. He’s got a new one the Amazon reviews say its on point but not his best.

EDIT - Hot Fries for snack ninjahs!!
EDIT 2 - Shady cypher prolly Zapped all the juice in the room for the other cyphers. Would you even try going against the Shady cypher? Not withstanding, everytime someone from that Cypher was in a previous cypher, they DESTROYED everyone else? I still flinch at Joe Budden’s “It’s not a wet dream - you gettin shot in your sleep” line.

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I like this song. Ross is a tad bit tolerable on this song.

Who don’t know about the Wu? =(

koop just opened up the barbershop. who’s djing this week in the shop lol.

lol we always get some random noobs askin bout old school cats. they read the page we’re on and its usually more recent and they think oh you guys dont know hip hop. and start spewing some doctrine about the good old days and start trying to “educate us” as if we dont know.

What Maxx said, typically they see where we are - assume we are dumb and only into whats on the radio, and try to school us on something. Every physicist knows F=MA, they don’t talk about it unless something ground breaking…like the speed of light knowlonger being absolute can change the fundamentals of it. Same goes for us. As Koop so ‘nicely’ mentioned, we more than likely know more than ‘you’ (you being a NULL Pointer to assign to anyone who has never posted in the Rap Thread series of threads).

And forget DJing man, I got these “Unreallystic” bootlegs I’m trynna move. I got these Avant-Guard mixtapes, I got that new Re.Dedication EP that aint even out yet. I even got a little phone recording from some of the studio sessions for his Black Belt Theatre album yo. I got that White Rhino, I got that Kush, I got that Pineapple, I got them Blue Diamonds, you rhyme? Sheeit I got a laptop right here with a mic and M-Audio interface, I can lay down a beat in five minutes on this Fruity Loops and get you a demo. Your voice a little f#cked up though, so I may need 15 minutes to mixdown and master that joint.

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I went to the other thread and I was like, the white man done bought our shit and now it’s over.
at first I was like.

but then I was like.

Something I had asked Koop in the last thread.
last few questions.

  1. which powder do you use. you put it on your face dry, I assume yes because the directions say don’t wash your face before, or do you wet your face with warm water like you would when shaving with a razor?
  2. do you pat dry your face after washing with dove then apply your moisturizer or are you applying it to your face wet?
    As I start every barbershop off.
    Black women are fly as hell, and nobody can tell me different.

finally made a video for this smooth joint.

Yoooooooooooo,has anyone heard The Fu Shnickens,Queen Latifah,Heavy D,Bumpy Knuckles,Treach,Dres rap over Da Mystery Of Chessboxin???:wow::wow::wow: I never heard this before:


So have the cyphers leaked yet?

In Remembrance of one of (if not the longest) running thread on SRK. :sad:


pours 40 ounce

1st page of the new rap thread? Finally.

Does that mean that we’ll meet the thread at the crossroads?

(funny part of that I remember the OG better than the remix despite the latter’s popularity…now even though ya gone gone gone gone still got love from bone…oooh and I see you at the crossroads crossroads…)

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It didn’t die, it just had a baby. :rofl: And I can’t listen to that song without thinking about my cat, Tinkerbelle :sad:

I know the internet ones did. But it was useless besides XV and Jay Rock

If the other cyphers don’t amp me up then…

I wanna make some more Cypher GIFs