The Rap Thread: News, Reviews, Rants & Opinions: Volume 10 : Speak up young man, we can't understand your mumbling!


Here you go


people have forgotten alot of old school cats like pusha been coming at drake for years. this is the first time he responded.

like…im lookin at meek right now thinkin…damn…he got off easy in terms of beefs


Drake issued a press release about the black-face. LOL

He has cemented that L now.


I’m wondering something: do you guys think Pusha picked “Story of O.J” as his beat for “Adidon” just because it’s a great beat, or was there something extra there? I keep feeling like there’s something extra there I’m not seeing.

What I am seeing is that Pusha is coming for Drakes immortal soul with “Adidon”. Holy fuck. This is old-school beef sizzling on the grill right here.

EDIT: someone else on the internet pointed out that IF Drake’s Adidas shoe line is named Adidon, it’ll be attached to Pusha T’s diss. Since “Story of Adidon” is so popular, people who google “Adidon” when it comes out might be treated to a pic of Drake in black face. Goddamn. That’s a diss on another level.


Going after Drake’s soul is what Pusha needs to do. None of the other guy’s that Drake feuded with ever attacked his character. Pusha fucking annihilated him. Turning a diss into a club single won’t win it for Drake this time.


Yes. Pusha T used that track as a subtle nod to the video given the context and the blackface photo. Given everything surrounding the beef “The Story of Adidon” may be the greatest clapback of all time.


lol pusha said fuck yo kid,fuck yo face,fuck yo momma and yo daddy and fuck your clothing line


Pusha going to have Drake looking like Pookie from New Jack City in a minute.


For real. I wanted to start calling Pusha T “Pusha Thanos”, but Thanos only wants to end half your shit. Pusha’s trying to end EVERYTHING for Drake.


weezy free from cash money.


Anyone listen to Nas new album?


i did. i enjoy it…people calling it the best nas album in years. i think his last one is better overall.


XXXTentacion is dead.


Apparently they caught the guy that killed XXX. He basically snitched on himself thru his social media.


Been a minute…


Bump with Freeway and the Griselda goons

lotsa good shit been coming out this Summer so far


Lil Wayne has a daughter???


pretty sure he has a gang of kids


How do you NOT know that?


Anyway, she can get it…