The Rap Thread: News, Reviews, Rants & Opinions: Volume 10 : Speak up young man, we can't understand your mumbling!


“You got a sister in law you’d smash, I got four of them” :rofl:


I know I’m way the fuck late with this, but this has me crying

“And I damn sure ain’t gon’ tell nobody how you told Thanos where to get the first two infinity stones, you a snitch” :rofl:


Kanye couldn’t put that song on ‘ye’? That’s actually dope compared to the rest of it imo.

On some promo ish, I know there’s a wide variety of music heads in this thread, so if y’all got time check my music. Like, trash, it , meh it, doesn’t matter, I need the feedback. More songs and actual videos on the way. Thanks!


Eminem’s new “surprise” album is out. He comes out swinging on the first track. Overall I liked it. There were only three tracks that I did not care for.


Em’s new album is definitely better than the piece of shit known as Revival.


Everybody seems to be saying that. What I’m wondering is why Kamikaze didn’t drop first. Is this literally an apology album for Revival? If it is, then I am straight puzzled. How can you do great on an apology album but can’t put out an album you don’t need to apologize for in the first place?


Em always does his best work when he’s pissed. The overwhelming negative reception to his last album must have woke him up to go hard on this new one.


Whatever works, I guess. All I know is that the mud god I fought my dreams still didn’t do me as dirty as Revival did.


So MGK did a diss to Eminem

two weeks later

I liked Em’s diss, but for some reason seems like it was effortless.


it was effortless because it doesnt have any real thought. Like alot of what em was dissing with was filler and made no sense.

mgk isnt a mumble rapper…em making fun of a dudes hair when he lost his own. em doing gun bars when thats not even in his wheel house…his rhyme schemes are horror movie shit. gun bars are mgk’s style…and em just sounds so lame at doin it.

i think content wise mgk was better…just more direct hits. but overall i guess em wins…but these stans are coming out the fuck woodwork wit the memes. you’d think em spit his own ether…when it was far from it.


I wouldn’t say no thought. It felt like an “ah that’s cute child, you’ll never be me” instead of a haymaker. He’s toying with his food IMO.

MGK has an EP coming. To be frank, Em will probably drop a bomb on him when/if MGK responds.


Yup reminds me of


The Eminem/Kelly thing is like Master P. trying to diss 2Pac. 2Pac would own Master P. in the reply diss track…

Snoop talked 'bout this first


Didn’t know that this song:

pays homage to this song:

Alexandra Stan does sound like Rihanna

Rihanna should have sung this song (Mr. Saxobeat)…

Gregory Claybron 3 years ago

You guys realize this is a interpolation of Angie Martinezes hit record “If I could go” a hip hop Latin Infused early 2000 song. Check out the original pay homage


Wait . . . . . . huh


Finally some real rap.



^^^Saw Jarule in this clip


I like this YouTube post below:


I’ve been listening to a lot of new rappers that are influenced by the old NY’s sound (boom bap)


This whole 69 in prison for 25 years shit is hilarious.
Lawyer saying that he just pretends to be a gangster lol