The Rap Thread: News, Reviews, Rants & Opinions: Volume 10 : Speak up young man, we can't understand your mumbling!


He was suppose to be a gangster? I thought he was pretending to be a Batman villain by just looking at him.


i didnt realize he thought he was that hard lmfao. this is hilarious to me.


69 about to live up to his namesake in prison.


I thought he was just trolling and shit, but apparently he was really about that life. Feds got enough to put him away for a LOOOOONG time if he doesn’t plead guilty or start snitching like his life depends on it.

Though I don’t like linking to reddit, this post details as much as possible without reading the actual indictment:


He’s a TreyWay Blood (Nine Trey Gangsters)


This Swizz Beats and Nas is live!


Why do some rappers snitch on themselves…


Black Eye Peas went back to the roots!


TIL Black Eyed Peas were still making music.

Fuck me.


My bboy crewmate is in the new chris brown video.


What is this song called? Chorus goes like this:

I’m gonna ride uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh until i die uh uh uh uh uh uh uh


Three 6 Mafia - Stay Fly


Whats everybody thoughts on that diss song T.I made for Mayweather? I love that smooth ass beat, he outta retool that later into a regular song


Yup, funny how you hear different things.

Example: Suga Suga - Baby Bash

I thought this part:

…(feelin’) so high like I’m a star…


…(feelin’) so high like I was God…


Holy shit. I’ve been slacking on rap news of any kind, and didn’t even notice that one of my favorite artists, Childish Gambino, won 4 awards at the Grammys and apparently made history. And he wasn’t even there to collect the awards. Crazy.


SixNine snitching seems to be dominating a lot of Hip Hop news circles last I checked.


They were talking about witness protection too. Can you give people a whole new face in witness protection? Homeboy might need to get hit with some sandpaper or something.


So on youtube they played some google pixel ad and had childish Gambino having a dance battle vs a cgi version version of himself. It had a dope song, i thjnk it was one of his new ones he played at his concert. This fucker better get a new album out soon.


Yeah, he’s been busy lately. The third season of Atlanta hasn’t shot an episode yet (but is being written) thanks to other obligations and stuff in his personal life (whatever that means). Hope whatever it is he recovers soon.

BTW, the song you heard will most likely be out on his new album (whenever that is). The song is called Human Sacrifice, but the only chunk of it that’s been released is what you heard in that ad.


Pretty good rap song, first guy mentions Mark Of The Wolves/Fatal Fury/ Terry Bogard