The Rap Thread: News, Reviews, Rants & Opinions: Volume 10 : Speak up young man, we can't understand your mumbling!

Lol why do we hate the new srk so much? Is seems since we switched we all dipped on this thread?

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This thread wasn’t buzzing as much as, say, the lounge or any of the other “catch-all” threads in the “old” days either (though I could be mistaken).

I caused an uproar sayin Nicki is a better lyricist than Cardi, although Cardi makes better music at this point.

I dont listen to either much, but Cardi don’t write her own shits, so she loses the lyrics battle by default 🤷🏾

I thought cardi had writers.

Yes, Cardi has writers, i mustve worded that poorly in the above post

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This gets me krunk!!!

I used to clown on these new schoolers, the New G rap/hip-hop, but they coming up and some o the songs grew on me

The grew on me too!!

Now this one too:

Ariana Grande going hard 1990s/ 2000s hip hop style. Beat is like west coast/dirty south style…

Real Shit!!!

Gucci Mane, Bruno Mars, Kodak Black - Wake Up in The Sky

Just looked at that video again. WTF LOOOL. Kodak Black reminds me of when 50 Cent goes, “…like fat kid love cake…”

Out like a light…

Why are you posting it again?

No freaking way…

Holy shit

RIP Tech Nine

Edit: turns out that it’s a different rapper called tech nine. It isn’t the Strange Music founder

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… Def not who I was thinking

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So if im reading these articles correct, Cardi B admitted to setting dudes up by drugging and robbing them in her stripper days…if a male rapper (or any male) said he did some shit like this to women he would’ve been cancelled like R. Kelly & Cosby…🤦🏾


Kelly never gets cancelled though. Kelly’s latest controversy actually saw a spike in sales of his music before his shit got pulled.