The Rap Thread: News, Reviews, Rants & Opinions: Volume 9 - Yes, we know "Hip Hop"


Ok last round you muthafucca went Forum Platinum… I need triple platinum. So here is your advance on posting:

1)Discuss rap news, album reviews, etc. all on this thread. BASICALLY EVERYTHING DEALING WITH THE GENRE OF HIP HOP

2)No more of this some crew vs. some crew shit either.

3)No posting links to any file downloads. Use AIM or PM’s in order to communicate that.

4)DO NOT POST THE WHOLE ARTICLES. Post the link to the article.

5)Hold respectable argument. Do not flame someone cause they like a particular group. State your disagreement.

6) New comers… Please understand MAJORITY of the older members know a significant amount of knowledge or may have discussed a particular topic. Try to go ‘with the flow’ as discussing the topic at hand. Trust me, this topics change constantly.

7) New comers pt. 2. Please do not come into the thread asking who listens to a particular artist or what you think is the greatest. It will get you no where. watch the thread. We not only have musicians/industry insiders/album reviewers but people who listen to a BROAD range of music in rap (underground, midwest, west coast, east coast, down south, international) .

Use your fucking heads.

Now go out an get make me a triple platinum thread

Thank you
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I spit hot fiyah.

So, coming in 2012, who should I be looking for? I’ve been out of the loop for the past couple of months listening to shit like Blue Sky Black Death (hip-hop production duo) and Sabzi’s instrumental album.


Damn so these is how Walt fraiser felt after he got traded




DEAD @ Pregnant Pussy bein the last post of 2011

We got thread of the year???

Now we volume NINA!!!


Yay! I got in on the first page of this one!


What’s up, guys? Hope you people are having a happy new year.

Is it weird I’m not that hype for Skillz’s 2011 wrap up after seeing his part of the BET Cypher?


I wasn’t even sure if he made one


He will, in a little. It’s what he’s best known for, so I doubt he’ll flake on it. But after hearing him on the cypher, and hearing how he was actually criticizing other cyphers, I’m not that excited for some reason.


yo on the real…i just heard bout this cat…jay-z…i think he’s gonna take ova the game in a few years.


Raekwon and TI both just dropped their own mixtapes. great way to start the new year, which is in ~20 mins from where I’m at.

have a good one, ya’ll

EDIT: oooooweee this Unexpected Victory tape is NICCCEEE


I dunno man. i hear Satan is his producer.


tonight was hilarious, so much lol.
from dance battles to drunk white people and white women too old to be in this club with these college kids. Even somebodies mom was on stage twerkin. lmfao


did dre produce anything on t.i.'s tape?


Bruh, you gotta remember, single moms need loving, too.


Yo, Koop. I been meaning to talk to you about this man. I mean, I feel like I’ve more than done my part. I was here for all nine threads, I had a few solo threads, and I was even on the Network Boyz threads for a few posts, and that was on top of the fact that I caught a few cases and was locked down with the I.P. ban. Threads have been blowin’ UP with likes, and I only got a couple hundred. I’m rockin’ last year’s avs, and I see these cats Unreal and Ace rocking new avs and it just don’t seem right to me, man. We need to restructure my forum deal, Koop. Where my points at? :mad:


she was old as hell tho, that had this buff itlatian dude in there, he was so swole he had to move his whole torso to look from left to right. dat juice, pencil neck and everything else big, every vain in his body was huge. Had an asian chick in there, no ass, but danced better than all the black folk. Then they had four black dude in there, they all had on the same shirt, except two, they were battling on the dance floor. The lil short one looked like donald glover and could tut and pop, he tried to break but failed. For my city that was pretty good hip hop dance, but anywhere else they’d get laughed out the club. Jack Dainel’s waitresses have to basically be naked. Their go go dancers were wack tho, after seeing people like Ms. Benilda and all those asian go go dancers they were mediocre. So much jungle fever too, had one blonde was about to grind on me but she saw the look on my face and said sorry and politely stood in a corner by the stage until her friend came and met her.
So many fine ass black girls were at that casino too. ass everywhere, drunk as hell. lmao.


check this out pimpin… check me… lets talk number playboi

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I didn’t say she was gonna get loving. I just said she needed it. lol. Plus, some niggas love “mature” ladies.


Damn. This must be what it feels like to be the Lox. :sad: