The Rap Thread: News, Reviews, Rants & Opinions: Volume 9 - Yes, we know "Hip Hop"


Kinda iornic, Meek actually needs a ghostwriter…And if this shit is true about Drake lint rolled his shit at a basketball game, that would be the most light skinned shit I’ve ever seen!


Gotdamn this nigga Drake don’t get away with shit :lol:


I’m dead af


Seems like you niggas never word black jeans… They look fine from afar, but can look like you’re homeless up close. Gotta keep that lint roller on deck lol.


So u tellin me you gonna lint roll your calves in the 1st row courtside on national tv? Word.


Nah lol, but I can see why he did it. I don’t see why it’s that big of a deal… He’s making sure his shit is right. Chicks can be in the exact same situation with a make up kit and nobody would say anything. Niggas find any reason to hate.


and my day is complete


So basically you just said that it was ok for men to be overly concerned about their appearance because women are… this is hardly justification bruh lol.


Can’t justify how $$$$ has no appearance and hoes would still flock


I mean you do the lint roller at home. Idk why you would have that shit in ya pocket. Or maybe drizzy has a personal lint roller-er?

Either way fuck that. Can we talk about these actual ghostwriting accusations? Like the worst part is that in 3 days of someone doesnt make a song this will be swept under the rug.

Imo it is unnacceptable for the self proclaimed #1 to not write his own. That is call for excommunication. Especually when you talk about other cats bitin.


I think Drake writes his own music.Not all of it but he does write most of his shit


I agree but Meek said Quentin wrote this whole thing and Meek said there were some other verses industry cats knew Drake didnt do.

Drake, Curren$y, Gillie, and BG wrote for Wayne.


This drake situation is dumb. Who cares. Some of these niggas need drakes ghostwriters so they stop making mediocre music for the deaf, dumb, and blind. Like 50 is my nigga, but if someone came out saying they ghostwrote some of his shit, id be like, whatever, thats what bosses do sometimes.

Ghostwriters are good for the industry anyways, and provide good jobs for people who otherwise cannot, or do not want to be in the fame. Wiz khalifa couldve used about 8 ghostwriters the past 3 years. lol. I’d rather a nigga get a ghostwriter and drop a hot track that the ghostwriter is properly compensated for, then watch one of my favorite rappers fall off cause he in a creative slump.

If you follow hip hop, you know what rappers to expect certain things from, and drake having ghostwriters fits exactly where i put him at. A dope artist, with talent, but like anyone else, will delegate the creativity to others sometimes if he has better shit to do, or is stumped.

**As much as a street nigga, meek is, hes wale level emotions, and i hate that shit. No wonder buddens called you out. I would never in my life trust an emotional nigga. Those cats are usually snitches, and suckas anyways. He hiding behind his goons. i dont know, this dude might be low key a sucka. Even trying to put words in other peoples mouthes. Talm bout wayne and nicki will pretend like they dont see his tweets, but they know whatsup. Nigga, this your battle, keep peoples names out of it. **

Yeah, if you wanna stay fresh. I keep a roller in my car, so when i hop out to head in to work, i hit the lint right quick just in case, and keep it moving. If i was on the move, and quickly got dressed to head to the game, but didnt have time to make sure everything is looking clean. I’d take the lent roller in with me, roll, and then put it back in my hoodie sleeve.

Niggas cant lint roll now without criticisms. lol. Is lint rolling now soft in our community? God damn.

Is that really him? Thats gay, but not surprising. Am i the only one that watched this well manicured, perfectly even hairline, fur wearing, teeth sucking motherfucker on the breakfastclub? I have gay cousins, and ive only met homosexuals that suck their teeth. I have never in my life come across a heterosexual male that sucked his mouth, teeth, whatever as much as sb did.

Maybe thats some ny shit, i dont know. Not surprising if it is, that city is pretty trash, and filled with weirdos.


He can’t be “overly concerned” with his appearance, but ya’ll niggas are out here checking for and critiquing his every move. If you wanna play that card, answer me this: why are you, as a man, worrying so much about what another man is doing? That shit don’t make sense. Men don’t watch other men.

Every little thing he does is a headline, and you wonder why he’s “overly concerned.” Lol… Shit is crazy.

True, but it doesn’t hurt to keep one on you if you’re going out to an event like that. If his shit got messed up on the way, people would be talking about how crazy he’s out here looking and saying how he should’ve brought one.

That caught me off guard. Drake can spit, or so I thought… Why he need a ghostwriter? SMH


is it really a ghost writer if that person is getting credit in the liner notes



Yes. See Nas & that Will Smith album. And the thing is that RICO verse was Quentins. I mean Drake had The Weeknd write the hooks/melodies on Take Care.

So non Diddy/Dre/Snoop ghostwriting is accepted now? But what about Iggy?


Aint nobody here checkin for drake like that nigga dont start that corny shit. I can definitely easily peep game on that shit cuz its not hard to miss. If I’m at the game or some sporting event or whatever and I see a nigga lint rolling his calves in the 1st row cuz he stick out like a sore thumb, im definitely recognizing it and laughing at it. Yall know mufuckas on social media are always lookin for something to tear anybody down that they hatin on but he dont make it any harder to do it with shit like that


Its actually a West Indian thing to “suck your teeth”. Stop overreacting, as usual, jimmy.


He’s right. Here there’s mad weirdos, especially where I live at.