The Rap Thread: News, Reviews, Rants & Opinions: Volume 9 - Yes, we know "Hip Hop"


Yes. See Nas & that Will Smith album. And the thing is that RICO verse was Quentins. I mean Drake had The Weeknd write the hooks/melodies on Take Care.

So non Diddy/Dre/Snoop ghostwriting is accepted now? But what about Iggy?


Aint nobody here checkin for drake like that nigga dont start that corny shit. I can definitely easily peep game on that shit cuz its not hard to miss. If I’m at the game or some sporting event or whatever and I see a nigga lint rolling his calves in the 1st row cuz he stick out like a sore thumb, im definitely recognizing it and laughing at it. Yall know mufuckas on social media are always lookin for something to tear anybody down that they hatin on but he dont make it any harder to do it with shit like that


Its actually a West Indian thing to “suck your teeth”. Stop overreacting, as usual, jimmy.


He’s right. Here there’s mad weirdos, especially where I live at.


I’m not overreacting. I just like shitting on nyc as usual.


@D’Nyc3 arent you from BK? Weirdos are a given lol. Jk

But weirdos make the best music cough Tribecough De LacoughStones Throw


Well Iggy is trash that’s why.

Its Drake so not everyone cares much because he is still gonna sell and make good(depending on who you ask) music


Rap, and the entertainment industry in general is mostly lies though, so at the very least its not abnormal for someone to rep some shit, and behind the scenes be using ghostwriters, or whatever.

I mean, how often are we truly checking for authenticity with our rappers, entertainers in general? We only call it out when its been brought to our attention, but in reality, most of them faking the funk.

**One of hip hops most praised albums has basically all of dres verses ghostwritten, The Chronic. Treach was writing for all of vins shit allegedly, and that came from treach mouth. I still think classic naughty by nature is fresh though. **

Like i said in my previous post. Ghostwriting is healthy, and fine. Only in a genre like hip hop, would we take that shit to the extreme, and as some super mega offense to any and everything we love. Plus, the rap industry is over saturated anyways. It aint like we havent already heard whats currently been said already, just to a different sample and mixed beat, and a different face. Ghostwriting is a non issue, especially for a pop artist making a lot of non personal songs, that kinda just speak to a general audience.

Like, if someone ghostwrote motto, does it matter? lol. I think if you write some shit, and you go, man, this doesnt seem great, and you reach out to someone, tell them your idea for a song, what its about, what youve been through and how it relates. Then that person writes a fire track for you, thats fine. Hell, if you just need a fire record for the charts, and aint got the time to write it, why not credit someone else, give them their cut, and plop it for the fans to enjoy.

When i hear dangerous ground by method man, i dont care who wrote it, and if someone did, they probably wouldnt deliver it like meth, and aint meth. I wanna see meth do that track no matter what. Thats another thing to take into consideration, that some tracks shouldnt go to waste because of anti ghostwriting, when there are artist out here that could truly bring it to life.


I already said Dre, Diddy, and Snoop are like the only passes. Snoop had GWs on and off and Dre +Puff all had GWs from jump. Shit look at Cube and Eazy. Or Scarface and Bushwick Bill. However. Its different when it is known from the start and still fire compared to when someone says “Im the greatest of my generation” then does that shit. The jig is up.


The fuck you worrying about what another nigga is doing for? I don’t even see how someone cleaning their clothes is something to laugh it. You sound like one of those lame ass, no life niggas with nothing better to do than make fun other other people so they feel better about themselves. You have no right to call anyone corny after the shit you just wrote.



How am I worrying about some shit if it was posted here? Did you see me post that shit? That shit’s corny and I laughed at it, period point blank I think lint rolling your jeans in the front row court side on national tv is hella dumb and grounds to be laughed at. I even said niggas go out of their way to hate on niggas and that he don’t make it any harder by doing shit like that, read nigga just cuz u cosign it don’t make that shit any less corny and funny


Live literally walking distance from Brooklyn Bridge. Hipsters and EMO’s here bruh lol


You didnt know dre had ghostwriters, or snoop, or diddy until way post 21st century like the rest of us. Stop frontin. Unless youre older than me, and was heavy into hip hop gossip/news through MAGAZINES, i highly doubt you were having conversations of ghost writers in the late 90s and early 2000s. I didnt even bother to think that dre had ghost writers until 50 cent said something 2-4 years ago in an interview. Diddys line of, dont worry if i write rhymes, i write checks, didnt really settle until a few years ago to when people brought it up.

Most of the people arguing about ghost writers, and what og’s did it in the past now, are like 7-10 years younger than me, so i aint trying to hear it. When i was coming up, nobody was having those conversations, and we were all heavy into hip hop. Maybe we just aint follow the gossip section enough, but a lot of that shit was new to me the past 5 years. You never bothered to even consider ghost writing, or even knew the fucking term.

Niggas be trying to act like they been knew, and everyone else just late, when they heard the shit the same time everyone else did. I was at the market buying any and every mixtape every weekend, coping the xxls and source magazines, being around nothing but hip hop heads, and still watching the occasional bet and mtv, and i aint never hear about no ghost writing scandals.

Unless you 42, and was following hip hop like a fiend during the 90s and 2000s, i highly doubt you heard any rumors about chronic being ghostwritten until the past few years. That shit was not common knowledge at all.

People arguing about drake now, but did drake have ghostwriters on his first mixtape that got him poppin? I’m no drake stan, but im just saying. Drakes put out a lot of work, from features, to singles, to mixtapes, to albums, so i’ll give a nigga 30 ghost writes considering the amount of work hes done. Its not like drake just got poppin. Hes what, 6 years into the game now, going on 7, and no one truly knows how little input he may have had in the songs that others wrote, because only meek mil, og maco, and randoms are saying this. For all we know, drake put in most the work on the track, but his writers assisted enough to get mentioned, or maybe he was just doing a good look for people he fucks with too, so even if they only contributed a little, put them on there as credited, so they can work with all the other artist who want them.

Like, no one talks about ghostwriting outside of hip hop, its stupid. Nobody gives a fuck who writes beyonces shit, or britney spears, or random unknown popular blues artist, or random unknown background singer for some EDM track.


Stop hatin’.


Ok back to Future Vandross please?!?


who dat


I don’t give a fuck 'bout Drake, nor do I “watch his every move”. The nigga perpetually does borderline cornball shit in plain view for cats to not notice and crack jokes. Your comment citing female behaviour as justification for his just didn’t add up is all I’m saying… hopefully for obvious reasons…

Niggas been knowing about Ghostwriters since 1997 with Nas/Will Smith and probably earlier. Stop it. Drake’s been known to have writers since his early tapes and a dude that wrote for him tried to expose him (I forgot his name) a few years ago but nobody cared. More recently, everyone knows he didn’t write or come up with the ideas for Started from the Bottom or Just Hold On. Then the Shi Wisdom fiasco etc. There was even tweets from whoever this Quinton Miller dude is’ people stating sarcastically “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late: An album by Q Miller, Interpreted by Drake” or something similar right when album dropped earlier this year.

It’s not some of secret or conspiracy. Niggas have known he wasn’t writing ALL his material, it just wasn’t an issue. It’s just the fact that someone of the calibre of Meek is “exposing” it that’s causing the chaos.

Tbh I still don’t care personally. He makes some dope shit and I’ll still listen if I like it. But he can’t call himself the “best ever” or eventually be put in barbershop top 5 debates imo.


It’s all about taking care of yourself and making sure you look the way you want to look. It wasn’t justification, as it doesn’t need to be justified. The nigga was cleaning lint off his pants… So what? Next we gonna be laughing at niggas for putting on Chapstick in public.

If there’s one thing about Drake that needs to be commended, it’s that he does him and doesn’t give a shit what random people have to say about it.


How this nigga gon’ say “If a woman fixed her makeup in public, nobody would say anything. But when Drake does this it’s a problem.” Then act like he isn’t using what a female would do in the same situation to justify Drake’s action like niggas can’t read? :lol:

Ok lol… I don’t even care about the lint roller. I get it, he wants to look fresh. That’s fine. I’m just pointing out to you that your analogy citing female behaviour as why people shouldn’t be tripping about it is bad. This isn’t even worth arguing about so whatever I guess.


@EveryFlowerFlow I beleive you are talking about Nickelus F. I recall that he “taught” Drake how to rap apparently but hasnt admitted to writing for him.

@jimmy1200 Hmm lets see…I am 21 now and I have been following this shit we love so much, “closely” since H to the Izzo came out. That’s was when I started to keep up. Before that was random radio hits, and r&b in my head. So since I was 7. Only reason is because these kids that where older nephews of my babysitter always argued about rap and dropped gems on me, told me about Bobbito & Stretch, and Golden Era shit. They were the ones copping Sources and XXLs and Ego Trips. Seeing as how I hung with them around 1998-2005 in NYC, it was inevitable I’d become addicted too. Shit i even remember listening to Hot97 the DAY Super Ugly came out. Remember when Rocafella took over Flex and rapped forever? Yeah I stayed up past bedtime and borrowed a friends portable radio to hear that. But ok, keep judging me.

Im pretty sure I knew DOC wrote The Chronic by 2004. Same with Nas & Jay with Foxy or Biggie with Kim. We even had a bbq where I learned Rakim wrote Will Smith’s Summertime.

Obviously its different from pop and rock. Pop never cared about writing your own stuff. Just performance talent. Rap is your pen vs the next man’s. MJ didnt write and produce all his stuff. Fucking Rapper’s Delight was stolen from Grandmaster Caz. Bitin/Ghostwriting been discussed forever. Just because YOU never thought of it doesnt mean it wasnt. You dont remember the controversy of Fat Joe allegedly using Puns rhyme book? Maybe it is cuz Im from the Bronx…but that was a big topic at the time.