The Rap Thread: News, Reviews, Rants & Opinions: Volume 9 - Yes, we know "Hip Hop"


40 tweeted exactly what I was thinking.

Drake’s style and lyrical content are REALLY fuckin personal. It just doesn’t make sense that someone else would write those kinds of things for him. Drake is certainly a lot of things, but you really gone have to prove he’s got a ghost writer to me.


Niggas knew Diddy had ghostwriters since that first album dropped and you saw those liner notes. Same for Ma$e (DMX wrote one of his joints on the first album). Niggas knew that Cube was writing most of NWA’s bars, too.

The difference is that those were either groups or producers, meaning nobody gives Diddy or Dre credit for being dope rappers. People do give Drake credit for being a great rapper/lyricist so it is relevant whether or not he’s writing his own raps. That said, this is just Meek saying this. It’s established fact that Drake actually writes for other people (eg Alicia Keys, Rihanna) and when he first came out he was allegedly writing for Weezy, so I find it a little hard to believe that he’s not writing his own shit.


Well he only writes checks

Well Flex just had to involve himself in this beef lol


And I’m done for the night. Ggs


I don’t think anyone’s really saying that everything he’s ever put out was written by others or that he doesn’t write at all. The personal songs are obviously he’s but he gets help on the hits and what not. The reason this all came out is because Meek got a hold of the original R.I.C.O reference that had the Quentin guy rapping the verse Drake used. Similar to the 10 Bands reference FunkFlex is currently dropping those stupid bombs over.

That’s the dude. He said he wrote a verse for him and helped him out with hooks etc as well here.


Remy Ma is so fine. How do you come out of prison looking better than you did going in. Don’t really matter I would smash tho. Papoose actually won.


So meek already apologized. Video is circulating vine. LOL. Cant stand these rap niggas mane. ugh


They’re too friendly, sensitive, and bitchmade.


THIS is when Ghostface should start making those videos


Can i get a vine link for confirmation plz?These niggas are so lame oh my gawd. Drake stimulus package has THAT little recovery frames?

Nah fuck that. 40 wasnt denying it. Fine, Drake can have his pre packaged bars. But HE IS NOT even top 5/10 contender anymore. If niggas wanna do shit like Dre and Puff, they gonna get treated like Dre & Puff…pen-wise. Fuck the $$$. Im bout to start rappin and ghostwrite for all my friends. Of course the canadian jew trying to sway the culture lmao


I posted that Drake gif because someone asked for it, and because I found that shit hilarious.

I mean, bruh, look at this PA.

Niggas STILL ain’t forgot this shit (I certainly didn’t). So when the lint rolling thing happened niggas was just like “LOL this nigga Drake man” and left it at that. It wasn’t about the lint rollers being effeminate (as I keep a couple, and any man who’s been in boot camp/military knows them suckers are life savers) it was the fact this nigga got caught doing it on live TV. That’s all.


The “caught” part is what’s bugging me… Is he supposed to hide it? Is it something that has to be done in private so no one sees or knows about it?

“Yo, I just caught this nigga cleaning lint of his jeans, man… The fuck?”

How that sound? I mean, there are a myriad of things to shit on Drake for, but this just isn’t one of them. It’s a reach. Basketball game is going on, and the camera’s on Drake cleaning his pants. Lmao


Not really. Shit was bizarre, and was within the realm of “WTF is Drake doing?” I found it funny lol.

At least son was there actually watching the game and only did it during the timeout. I know way too many people pay exorbitant ticket prices, just to go there and play on there phone the entire time.


Let that soft ass nigga cosign that corny shit and move on, he aint gonna let it go that shit was funny aint much to explain.
I do wanna see this vine apology though


I don’t know who your insecure, dick-watching ass thinks you’re calling soft lol. We already agreed that we’re done talking to each other about it, so why you still tryna comment? Sit your dusty ass down and shut up.

I guess lol. Niggas wildin’ a little too much about it, though.


Niggas trying to play hard on the Internet…keep exposin yourself. Soft ass nigga agree with one post saying the shit funny and then disagree with another cuz I called you soft for cosigning it BUT OK


he said he wrote a verse or two in an interview.


Meek Mill is an idiot. I wouldn’t publicly beef with the same person that you currently have a song on the radio with. It reminds me of something Cass said in a Meek diss “If you ain’t mean it, why you say the shit?” He has a huge problem with saying something but as soon as he gets hit with repercussions or scrutiny he be like “I ain’t mean it” like it goes away cause of that.

Reminds me of those gossiping bitch niggas that call you bro to your face but tryna air you out behind your back like it won’t get back to you. But this nigga does that on social media like a dummy.


Meek Mill get busted snitching again lol.


What a simp