The Rap Thread: News, Reviews, Rants & Opinions: Volume 9 - Yes, we know "Hip Hop"


I don’t know who your insecure, dick-watching ass thinks you’re calling soft lol. We already agreed that we’re done talking to each other about it, so why you still tryna comment? Sit your dusty ass down and shut up.

I guess lol. Niggas wildin’ a little too much about it, though.


Niggas trying to play hard on the Internet…keep exposin yourself. Soft ass nigga agree with one post saying the shit funny and then disagree with another cuz I called you soft for cosigning it BUT OK


he said he wrote a verse or two in an interview.


Meek Mill is an idiot. I wouldn’t publicly beef with the same person that you currently have a song on the radio with. It reminds me of something Cass said in a Meek diss “If you ain’t mean it, why you say the shit?” He has a huge problem with saying something but as soon as he gets hit with repercussions or scrutiny he be like “I ain’t mean it” like it goes away cause of that.

Reminds me of those gossiping bitch niggas that call you bro to your face but tryna air you out behind your back like it won’t get back to you. But this nigga does that on social media like a dummy.


Meek Mill get busted snitching again lol.


What a simp


How do you say I’m trying to play hard when you’re calling me soft? How does that make any kind of sense? If you’re calling someone soft, are you not implying you are not? Lol… You sound real dumb and you’re showing your colors. Unlike you, I don’t have an inherent sense of insecurity. I don’t feel the need to act a certain way so other men perceive me a certain way, nor do I feel the need to worry about what another man is doing.

I “agreed” with Duke because he explained that he found it funny because it was a “WTF is Drake doing” kind of thing. You, on the other hand, are claiming that it was corny and soft. I’m not gonna agree with your reasoning because it’s stupid and misguided.

Anyway, I’m done talking to you as I only have so many brain cells to sacrifice. You are the very definition of a lost nigga.


Very descriptive guys. Now I know whats goin down


Wait i just daw that “apology” and it wasnt even as bad as yall made it seem. He didnt say sorry or anything


I’m kinda surprised. Not gonna stop bumping that last tape, but damn Drake! Say it ain’t so!


Wait so what happened something about Meek and Drake? Both suck dick, no flow, no bars.


I can’t believe most people dont care that dude doesn’t write his own raps. As a hardcore hip hop enthusiast I think it is shameful and I am disappointed in the average rap fan.


lol really disappointed? it ain’t that serious


Drake is not a real rapper, he is more of a rapper/pop singer hybrid, so if he does have a ghost writer it doesn’t make him lose any credibility as a rapper, as far as real rap music he never had any, that and he still has no bars lol.


Can’t agree with that. He has a couple bars sprinkled here and there throughout every album.

He doesn’t bring that consistent heat though.


I’ve only heard some of his songs, never heard a full album so maybe I’m jumping to conclusins, though I did hear like half of if you’re reading this it’s too late whic hwas pure garbage sonically and lyrically IMO up there with any random Iggy or Nicki song. Mind linking me Drake spitting bars?


Shut up Zoo you are just hating. Aubrey has lines. Dreams Money Can Buy, Jodeci Freestyle, Light Up, Lord Knows, Tuscan Leather, 6PM in NY, 5AM in TO, 9AM in Dallas, Goodnight & Goodluck thats just off top.

Can Drake rap? Yeah. Did this shitf fuck up his claims of being the best this gen? Yeah.


@GomuGomu stop bitch lurking/sneak disagreeing and tell me how Jodeci Freestyle doesnt have lines

Drake was always hit & miss but when he hits it its an RBI.


Negro, you crazy as fuck. Drake has plenty of songs where he goes in.

And wtf is a “real rapper”. Like, that is pure rhetoric: it doesn’t have any tangible meaning. There’s a very distinct line between “I don’t subjectively enjoy this man’s content” and “It’s not real insert genre”.

Saying the former is fine.

Saying the latter is stupid.


^Finally someone rational. How yall nignogs let @ShogunZ show yall up?

You guys showing your true colors. No actual counter arguments. Only empty scoffs.