The Rap Thread: News, Reviews, Rants & Opinions: Volume 9 - Yes, we know "Hip Hop"


Big shot off the panther soundtrack.


Don’t like how kendrick just recycled his new freezer verse.


He’s also getting that Hennessey money.


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Don’t like how kendrick just recycled his new freezer verse.


I liked the songs that didn’t have Kendrick rapping on there too much.


Really didn’t expect much from this and turned it okay, surprisingly. Got to interview Lil Xan.


killy might blow up this year




Holy shit, Set Trippin GOES DUMB HARD


Shit had my crying


Joe Budden is going to be at the Highline Ballroom tomorrow. In case anyone is interested.


Love this

I could just listen to this instrumental for those drums and the groovy bass line.



Oh snap!!!


oh wowwww


Not everyone is going to love this but this album is epic. Probably my favourite album of 2018 so far.


In regards to that Roxanne thing, are you guys saying “OH WOW” in a good or bad way? Is it “They’re doing THIS? Neato!” or “Why are they doing this?”

Didn’t Roxanne lie about getting a degree? That was the last I heard about her.


With me growing up during the 80s and being exposed to a lot of hip-hop back then, my “OH WOW” is a good thing. I remember the battle between her and The Real Roxanne.


Khrysis and Elzhi released a project called Jericho Jackson, Elzhi went in on this shit.



To Do List



Just heard Craig Mack died. R.I.P.!


RIP to Craig Mack. These guys aren’t making it past 50 man