The Rape Room Invitational


So yeah this is an effort to promote high level play in North American VF, from two guys who troll but actually know how to play VF. You play against two people, Chief Flash and Shang. Both are Wolf players that just switch sticks yet, since you are online you don’t know who it is exactly. What you DO know is that you are being downloaded by both players so it really forces to mix things up and adapt.

Here’s the LOL blog post

Here’s the thread at VFDC.

While I dislike the word rape being used in this context, the point is just to get people good at the game, so they can up their knowledge about the awesome that is VF.


Then why use it? There are some women who play FS on Live. The terminology appears grossly misguided, and seriously unfunny. Remember, the Capcom scene had it’s own horrendous misogyny based issues aired in public recently. That’s the last thing the VF scene needs. These are hardly private forums. What were you guys thinking? :frowning:


I didn’t come up with it, this done by VF trolls who actually know how to play the game, trying to get people good at the game (thank god). The way going about it? Could’ve used more tact, but knowing Shang’s post from the early VFDC days, this is pretty light.

I’d rather have this than 87373887273 posts about how VF is “The most deep, balanced, hardest etc. etc. GAME EVAR!!1!/potato” without knowing why and not playing the game, so they can lose in more in whatever fighting game they like but suck at.


I’d be down to participate in this, but I dunno how well it’d work for me since I’m on the west coast.

EDIT: Checked this forum for the first time in a year and a half and wow I feel dumb for posting in this thread.


the rape room is in the slutshame lobby on the she was totally asking for it server on the women are subhuman network