The 'Rate My Team!' Thread!

Basically this is here just to show who your team is, and what most players think of your strategies while using them.

My team is Dante, Deadpool, and Ryu. My tactics are essentially to set up some nasty combos early on with Dante, follow up with some confusing tactics from Deadpool, and to finish strong with Ryu. If my offense fails me, Dante usually takes a back seat while I use Ryu and Deadpool to play a Keepaway/Interception game; where I try to hold them off as long as I can, then use Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku or Quick Work to intercept an opponent at their advancing weak spots.

I think we already have a thread for this… but

My team is Sent-A/Hulk-Y/Haggar-A and my tactics are essentially to make someone break their disc in half via absurd damage and super armor… It loses hardcore to good zoners though.

So you have a Massive Damage group. I see. My Zone Technique works pretty well with my Deadpool Set up usually. We should play sometime.

Sent-A/Arthur-Y or B/Haggar-A

Basically, everyone loves to throw out attacks when FIGHT comes up, so I throw out Haggar’s lariat at the beginning of the round and that hits really often. If that lariat hits, I just do the Sent B&B into HSF ,and if I need to, into XFC, Fly then Air S. That kills just about everyone.

Other than that, right now my Haggar is super assy, so if Sent gets pretty low, I switch to Hags to soften them up for the zoning game of Arthur and Sent-A.

Your set up is essentially the ‘Break their Point Character so their shit’s all fucked up’ eh? It’s a nice strategy, one I’ll have to watch out for.

If you want a rating, it’s F. Grow some cojones and believe in yourself.

Further discussion can go in the Team Making Thread. :tup: