The Razer Arcade Stick Thread!

That’s the way it is because of the hollow nature of the stick (there’s no reinforcement in the middle or underneath the top panel). I believe it actually flexed more during the beta stages.

You can definitely notice the flex on the sides and top panel. Mine does the same thing but I expected it.

I just checked it and the stick only “squeaks” and flexes when I put a lot of strength downward (which I a never actually did during actual play, only now that I was checking for it, lol). As a lap player, I can only say it’s really awesome. My brother is using the bat top right now and even that feels way nicer than I expected.

Hello guys
I’ve bought a Atrox and I want to add this pcb to play it on ps3 also. But I have no idea on how to make a dual mod with 2 pcbs.

What is the best way to do it?

you should of just bought a Cerberus because it would have been easier/cleaner

Not if he wanted PS2 as well.

By definition a Dual-mod must have 2 encoder PCBs
For any dual mod you have to have both boards connected to power and to ground

Try the following Link
Dual Modding 101

I was just wondering if these conditions were normal on this stick:

  • The LS DP RS switch seems to be misaligned
  • the plastic seems worn where the top panel locks when you close it

If this is the same for everyone else then i will feel more comfortable

Hey, can you post a picture? My brother’s first Atrox (one that came with a bad pcb) had a crack in the plexi, but I believe that’s because things really suffer a lot when they are sent to Brazil. If its not good you can always ask for a replacement

Got my Atrox and love it! Definitely worth picking one up for sale price if anyone is wondering. I’m a little surprised they went with the button layout they did, but other than that it’s great.

I’m going to get some buttons and get a piece of artwork made, can’t wait til it’s done!

Does anyone know of a place online I could order a vinyl print that would cut out everything for the buttons as well?
I’m not too much of an arts & crafts kinda guy the cuts would probably come out terrible if I did them myself

I updated the Atrox + Cerberus dual mod that I did before. Putting the Cerberus underneath the Atrox PCB causes the Atrox board to flex when screwed down, which can prevent it from working properly. I moved the Cerberus to the top side of the Atrox PCB, and the mod is now consistent!

can i request a pic on where are we suppose to solder the home button of the cerberus pls… :smiley:

Hello, simple question: Does the Razer logo on the middle of the palmrest is supposed to light on? Cause mine not. Or perhaps there’s somethig to do before…
And I found a crack, straight out the box on the plastic case…

Yes the Razer logo is supposed to pulse when you turn your console on

i’m on PC. Nothing is blinking. Anyone on pc?

The LED should light up on PC.

oki, amazon will replacd it. No light up on pc for me. We will see with the next stick. I will receive it tomorrow. Do you have some “art” for this stick d3v?

Thanks for your answer.

It’s the point marked “Gu” in the first diagram, near the bottom-right corner.

So a friend soldered up cerberus to atrox everything works apart from the guide button. Unsure why it’s not working since it’s soldered to the Gu as shown in the diagram. Could some one take a pic of their guide button soldered? Also, do you need to solder another ground point maybe?

Hello, I was wondering if anybody happens to know if i can plug in the headset jack cable in the Atrox to the audio connecter on my ps360? i have done it with other sticks, but since there is a led as well I did not want to mess things up.