The Razer Arcade Stick Thread!


That could be a mistake on their part, Razer isn’t known for quality, reliable parts.
They are known for breaking or failing quickly.

They probably go with Cheap-ass Qanba parts


They’re already shooting themselves in foot by making their console peripherals exclusive to the Xbox brand, so I wouldn’t put it past them to start “cutting costs” with their arcade sticks.

Though it would hurt them bad if they did that, since they’re sponsoring pro players and providing them sticks.


I did talked to a former Pro DOA2 player who was sponsored by Razer.
He gets new gear every 3 months (or less), so he himself never notices the stuff break down.
He honestly didn’t know Razer products will break after 3 months, as he asked to exchange gear with Razer every 3 months.
As it was new gear he got provided he never really complained or question what was going on.
Then again they were paying him to play games for a living.

Razer’s excuse why they never made anything for the PlayStation is pretty weak too.
It was something like Oh we only make products we use our selves and our CEO mostly game on the Xbox.


I heard that excuse from a video before.

I think Razer is locked into some exclusivity deal with MS, where they get more dividends to make their products just for the Xbox only. It’s not like anyone on the PS or Nintendo side cares. Razer makes shitty console products and shitty computer accessories.

The Deathadder was a good mouse, but you could get a much better mouse in the same price range.


To the guy who ripped his button out im pretty sure you can take the whole button out put that back in get some wire clips order some quick disconnects and learn to crimp

You dont have the quick disconnects with a little tab so it makes taking them off a pain in the ass i had this issue and almost did what you did.

Go to the modder in your area thread get them to fix it

Btw if your on pc a ps4 stick would do fine

My atrox has no issues in two years owning it nothings broke and im reallly rough with my atrox slaping slamming


See the pick with a small red line and an arrow put a flat head therr and wiggle wiggle wiggle


Thanks @dtgodmage22 , the parts arrived today from FocusAttack, and well, I ordered a crimping tool as well, I’ll use the video inside your post to do the crimping
I purchased 4 buttons, and 10 QDs… so I think I have several attempts haha

Also I learned how to remove the QDs easily. So I just need to replace the button and connect the cable


You guys see the supposed ps4 atrox bthey had at e3?


I believe it when I see it.


Ok maybe not e3 i read the guys post supposedly from a uk event


Razer Atrox for the 360 is being sold for $100 on Amazon. Does anybody recommend it?




Considering seeing some of the posts of the case breaking and wearing out easily, Thank you for the message


Yo I saw that deal too and copped one. Half off for brand new was just too good of a deal! Just got it in the mail today actually. The stick is nice, but it definitely has its quirks


I really like my 360 atrox with UFB. The Turbo bottons can Be used for mapping touchpadkey, l3 & r3.


I’ve got a question about the 360 atrox turbo panel. By default the 360 version achieved lock for home by kgnd, but for start and select in firmware, by putting 5v on a pin on the atrox pcb.( if i understand correctly) Ive replaced the pcb by a ufb witch Powers the Turbo panel for the playerleds. Could i just solder the start and select gnd to the Middle pin of the switch on the back of the pcb, the one that has the trace from the home button leading to it. Or would the 5v on pin in unlock position thing interfere with things?




Maybe we should change the title of this thread to “The @Darksakul Hate Razer Arcade Stick Thread” :slight_smile: we all know you don’t like Razer products why keep reminding us? I have never had any issues with my Razer purchases.


I am not the only one who feels that way about razer, so do not think you can be slick and single me out.

Someone a week ago asked a question, I answered it.
You don’t like it, I don’t care.
(Puts on Shades).


Not Darksakul, but I also have issues with Razer sticks. I have never owned one and or played on one, but I’ve modded several so I’d say I’m qualified to make a review.

Number one being the removable cable. These are worse than the TE2 cables simply because 1) you can’t get them with anything other than the stick itself and 2) it’s the main point of failure on both models. The TE2 cable you can at least get from an MLG pro controller or something and be OK. The cables from the Razers are not interchangeable, so that means you are SOL if you have both sticks and lose one or break one. Also, the TE2 cable does not work on the Razer or vice versa, so you’d have to rewire the incoming USB in order to get it to work. Also, the cable is a pretty tight fit for the little compartment it’s supposed to fit in. The TE2 cable fits perfect in its little spot. That’s all for the cable.

2 is the quality of the shell. The side panels are very thin so it feels like shit when you hold it from the side while the case is open. The gas struts have been known to break, their customer service sucks… I could go on and on.