The Razer Arcade Stick Thread!


yes, that’s a ground cable


It’s a ground cable, it often use when someone having issues with static messing with the stick.
It gives a path for all the static electricity to go (to ground) and not to anything sensitive on the stick.

I suggest leaving it in place.


WOW! I didn’t believe anymore to get an answer to my question =) Thx all!

I thought of that to in the beginning but then i thought why a ground cable to an joytsick? My other two fightsticks from madcatz doesn’t have one eather. But it seems i was on the right track :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Does some of you have the SFV Edition and can please compare their artwork with mines? It would let me sleep a little better XD.

Also i have new buttons and a new handle installed which i want to share with you :wink:

Here you go!

I hope no one thinks rude of me cause i dare to modifiy these great special edition fightstick :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Joystick and buttons modding is fair game.


I have a couple of questions about the Razer Panthera which I just received as a Christmas gift.

Does this update apply only to PS4 or does it apply to PS4, PS3, and PC? Here is a link to the update that was posted via twitter.

Also, when I have the switch set to PS4 and plug it into my PC, 2 of the buttons (triggers) are recognized by my PC as Z Axis instead of buttons. Therefore, these 2 buttons do not work in games. I’m using Windows 10. Is there a way to fix this?


My Panthera’s usb cable died and i couldn’t get a replacement, so I bought a brook UFB to replace the whole thing. I drilled out the usb passthrough for the neutrik unit. I also have the buttons and stick wired up, but I have no clue what to do with the cables on the touchpad/R3/L3 panel. Can anyone let me know what cables I need to reuse and which ones they are (preferably with a picture/s cause I can be kinda slow sometimes).


I heard it many times but why is so hard to get a replacement of the official cord?

I’m getting really nervous to break mines.


Its a proprietary connector.


For clarification, the offending part that needs to be wired


Yeah I know. But why can’t there be third party cables?


A few people make DIY cables for the Panthera ans TE2, myself included. But if you had to choose, would you pick the OEM cable or a cable some guy on the internet made in his garage?


I have made 35 usb cables for TE2/TE2+ and none of them have failed so far.
So I would say it depends on the guy who made these in his garage lol.


I just picked up an XB1 Atrox along with the Brook UFB. My first time doing modding like this and everything seems fairly straight forward except for the lock/home/player LED. How do I connect these to the UFB? There are 4 wires coming from that secondary PCB (1white/3black), all attached to a pin connector at the other end. How do I connect these to the UFB?


How did you connect the home/player LED/lock buttons to the UFB? The wire which looks like is coming from the home/lock board in your pic looks diff than the stock one I’ve got. Do I need to replace this?


@HypeBe4st Just got myself a that brook ps3/ps4 board with audio and everything was easy up to the Home/Lock/Led part.

Did you solve your issues? If so, what did you do?


I’m sure this has been asked before, but how’s the Panthera performance? Any noticeable issues? How’s the build quality? There’s one on sale at my local GameStop and I’m considering picking one up.


Its really good. More sturdy than the te2. Not sure about the lag since it really doesnt matter. Mine has no issues so far and is my daily stick. Do you mind me asking how much it is at your gamestop?


On PC it doesn’t recognize R2 and L2 as buttons so you can’t use them unless you rewire the buttons. PC will recognize them as z axis. Either way you are still left with 6 instead of 8 face buttons.


I’m still looking for a solution.

The Brook board I’m using is the UFB so there might be some differences between mine and your PS version.
Here’s a pic of the UFB along with the lock/home board with the wire that connects to it:
I’m just unsure where these wires go on the Brook UFB.


jasens customs has a cable but it will require a little rewiring but if you have a brooks it will work perfectly