The REAL Columbia, SC Results: MvC2, CvS2, 3S, GGXX, T4, TTT, SC2

I don’t have the brackets/winners for T4 and SC2 on me. I do know that top four was jackie_tran, Bane, Rob the Destroyer, and WayGamble respectively. I believe Rob The Destroyer won SC2.


  1. Anthony Tran “jackie_tran” - ATL
  2. Jae Purvis “ShinRyuX” - Clemson, SC
  3. Chris Bane “bane” - ATL
  4. Wayne Gamble “WayGamble” - Columbia, SC
  5. Shaun Crosby “IceNinja” - Durham, NC
  6. Ron Cherry “King Kaza” - Columbia, SC
  7. Dale Duke “CursedOne/RoboCurse” - Raleigh, NC
  8. EJ Ashford - Durham, NC


  1. Neidel Crisan “haunts” - ATL
  2. Eli Cleveland “Sundu” - Athens, GA
  3. Alex Navarro - Miami, FL
  4. Jae Purvis “ShinRyuX”
  5. Erik Valencia “Erik V from VA” - NC/VA
  6. Birdie Yang “DontFlyAgain” - NYC/Charleston, SC
  7. Sami Ackerman “drfunkenstein2k” - Anderson, SC
  8. Jonathan Sindel “Sentinaaal” - Gainesville, FL
  9. Josh McWhorter “Icege” - Charleston, SC
  10. Anthony Tran “jackie_tran”
  11. Gabe Malicki - ATL


  1. Raph Bendy “SSJ George Bush” - Augusta, GA
  2. Matt McCoy “Ravenstorm” - Greenville, SC
  3. Shaun Crosby “IceNinja”
  4. Sora Arlington “Tron Li” - Augusta, GA
  5. Josh McWhorter “Icege”
  6. Wayne Crosby “exodus777” - Durham, NC
  7. Lester Green “PROFESSORLESTER” - Greenville, SC
  8. Alex Navarro
  9. Chris Bumgardner “Bumnut” - Greenville, SC
  10. Ronald Huffine “ryucross” - Raleigh, NC
  11. Doug Wilkinson “longshot” - Raleigh, NC
  12. Dale Duke “CursedOne/RoboCurse”


  1. Alex Navarro
  2. Trent Van Deven “Tr3nt” - Orlando, FL
  3. Erik Valencia “Erik V from VA”
  4. Wayne Crosby “exodus777”
  5. Shaun Crosby “IceNinja”
  6. Lucious Clayton “SieClayton” - Durham, NC
  7. Dwayne Schultz “Enk!ndu” - Orlando, FL
  8. Rick Stalrey “shinma_sama” - Orlando, FL
  9. Anthony Tran “jackie_tran”
  10. EJ Ashford
  11. Birdie Yang “DontFlyAgain”
  12. Ryan Cowley “ThaHungryWolf” - Charleston, SC
  13. Shawn Smith - Charleston, SC
  14. Thomas Towry “thehurricane” - Charleston, SC
  15. Robbie Strang - Charleston, SC


  1. Mike Mixon “Mixup” - Gainesville, FL
  2. Jonathan Sindel “Sentinaaal”
  3. Isaac Graham “Tyranidman” - MD
  4. Erik Valencia “Erik V from VA”
  5. Isaac Nicholson “raekw0n187” - Birmingham, AL
  6. Bobby Kem - Charlotte, NC
  7. Kevin Hutchins “The_Gunslinger” - Anderson, SC
  8. Jae Purvis “ShinRyuX”
  9. Dan Dumont “Gammadynamite” - VA
  10. Thra Vov “scrub_4_life” - Charlotte, NC
  11. Sami Ackerman “drfunkenstein2k”
  12. Sora Arlington “Tron Li”
  13. Jermaine Jacob “RedRover” - VA
  14. Nam Nguyen “NammyNam” - Augusta, GA
  15. Trent Van Deven “Tr3nt”
  16. David Om “rush_down_scrub” - Charlotte, NC
  17. Rod West “Buck JoneS” - Durham, NC
  18. Taylor Redford “RocketLunch” - Greenville, SC
  19. Nasir Riley “Naslectronical” - Charleston, SC
  20. Shaun Crosby “IceNinja”
  21. Anthony Leach “KiyokiX” - Augusta, GA
  22. David Watkins “Tangent” - Augusta, GA
  23. Josh McWhorter “Icege”

If anyone wants brackets and such, lemme know :slight_smile:

Will post my shout-outs later.

what were the teams used in the finals of cvs2 and mvc2?

any vids?

thanks. congrats to all who placed well.

We got home vids (Me,Isaac, and Jermaine) but thats about it. I have no way of hosting them.

Good shit everyone

I had mad fun meeting eveyone…Mike, John ,Isaac , Wayne, Trent, Sami, Josh(scrub…:lol: )…all great guys in my book.

I’m looking forward to seeing all you again in Charlotte


Hell of a tourny

Tourney was mad fun…

Thanks to WayGamble and Icege for everything. Great job on hosting/administrating the event, very smooth.

I also really appreciated the way everybody acted in my room after the tourney… there had to be 25 people there at one point and everything was surprisingly calm & orderly. Meant a lot to me, thanks.

Raph, the stick is wonderful. Thank you very much. Congrats on taking GGXX as well…

Good meeting everyone I didn’t know, & good seeing everybody I did. I scrubbed out in Marvel, but that’s ok; still just a good time all around… :cool:

Wish you could have made it, Chi. Hope everybody got back safe, and I hope to see you in Charlotte on January 24th.

I was the guy wearing the Santa hat, in case you didn’t know & were wondering.

This was a hella fun tourney. For the most part it ran smooth, maybe would have been easier if peep if i would have known who was running what brackets but with the number of games and peeps it ran great.

lets see…

nice to finally meet you damn we been talkin online for long time and now we meet to good. good shit on MvC2 also. VIDS!!! :wink:

Mixup, Jackie Tran(Chan)lol, Rod, myself, and Issac(Raekwon):
WOW too much fun!

man we spent 1/2 our time other places and getting a room was DANK! nice place for Myself and Kevin to stay for the night. word up!and i gave u the beatdown in 3s!

maybe u will get me next time in 3s, we will have a rematch.

man thier were to many peeps MajinCable amd other i met for the 1st time and it was fun and i just had a blast.

thanks waygamble and Icege for putting it together

as for the vids, if u have vids for this tournament and will send them to be pref compressed like avi or wmv then send them to me i will host them in the GoForBroke Hub on Direct Connect and put them for download on

last but NOT least GOOD to see u Shima-Sama :slight_smile:

Shout outs!! Do it!

Man, it sucks you dirty sons of bitches hold an AWESOME tourny two weeks BEFORE I come home. What the hell is wrong with you? I’m gonna have to go to po-dunk tournies when I get there. You make baby jesus cry.


Don’t forget Enk!ndu… :lol:

I talked to him for about 20 minutes or so… nice kickin’ it with him, too.

Congrats to Eli and Neidel for holding down 3S , nice job and how about thosse get-togethers starting up next week to get ready for the next big Charlotte gathering .

I would have liked to come down and play but I gave up on console play last year maybe next time around can be held in an arcade .


God-fucking-damn, that makes me want to cry. Bad enough that Ron and the guys forget me, but they can’t even rep GGXX! Somebody tell me what happened.

Man, I’m gonna fucking cry if I can get a decent tourny in while I’m at home. All this time in the dojo for nothing. I’m just gonna go live with Chris, and play 3S, XX, T4, ProJus, SSV, and MvC2 all day… haters.


PS: I’m so jealous, SC never got that kinda rep when I was there. I wanna come home…

I see Tr3nt is still a thug. Fool probably robbed half you guys while you weren’t looking. Fuckin’ thug.

Props to my boys and E.M.S.

Great tourney, guys. Sitting around for 4 hrs waiting to play 3s made me realise i defanitly need to learn another game to pass the time. :lol:

Was fun metting some great players. Birdie and Alex, all great 3s players ive never seen before… Erick V has a mean ken. :X

Ted, we were all wondering where you were but we realised you dont do console tournies. oh well, we’ll play soon i suppose. gotta rep in charrlote.

ps: icege, thanks for spelling my name right. :lol:

haunts: no. don’t taint yourself by learning a non-3S game. stay pure! :smiley:

eric v doesn’t have a mean anything. just a dirty grin :evil:

mean ken, dirty grin, its all the same.

actually I wanted to go anyway to this one but I’ve been swamped with things other than gaming so I wasn’t really ready to waste a 4 hr round trip drive to go 2-up and 2-out playing 3S on console (sucks for me)

I’ve never seen Alex N. play 3S just CvS1 and A3 and that was like 3 years ago in Jersey…who did he use and how was his game ?..seeing so much interest in 3S is a a good thing


like i said, he has a mean ken. but i guess if you spar with derrick that is bound to happen. heh.

played some urien but i dont really remmeber the match. i just remeber him beating people up with ken.


i lost the merriam webster tournmanet.


alex n. played a mean chun li. ive never played a good chun li before so it was really tough. lots of jumping strait up rh.

i got kicked in the face alot. :X

eric valencia != alex navarro


im so confused.

i like street fighter

can we leave it at that?

Man I had a blast. I think playing that hour or more in mixup’s room before the tournament helped me out a bunch as I only lost to eric v. and Isaac(BAMA). I had a blast playing you guys.

Isaac(BAMA)- As always man we had a blast hanging and shit. I was showing you whats up after the tournament so maybe I shoulda tried MSS during the tournament. What you think cuz I think I play MSS dope? I am sorry we didnt make it back that way cuz when we got to the hotel room everyone fell out. I told you jumping out of HSF is mad easy man just got to know the timing. I see you in charlotte providing I can muster up the funds and shit.

Isaac(MD)- Dude your MSP is crazyness man. I kept trying to block some of that shit but it just wouldnt let me haha. I did manage to sneak some games on you provided I could keep you away from me but once you touched me it was over. Good shit man for real. I stole a bunch of those resets and was abusing them in rod’s room after the tournament man I just couldnt resist though I dont think i will ever graduate the MSP academy. Me and you playing before Mike and company got there helped me out a lot too to cope with some of the mags players so thanks.

Rod, Lucious, etc from durham and surrounding areas-I had a blast kicking it with you guys and I hope to see most of you in charlotte as well.

Mike-Man I dont know what to say. You truly have become a beast as if you weren’t a beast before. I saw you hit that unblockable with sentinel I dont know how many times and that is just crazyness though Sami got you that one game HAHA.

Jon-Nice meeting you although I dont think we said many words to each other. You are real solid and I mean damn you got to be to take out both isaac’s and eric v. Good shit dog. I hope you guys can make it up to a charlotte tournament or something sometime and show them whats going on.

Charlotte crew- Good shit you guys I didnt know Bobby made it so far. You placed one above me man. Oh well solid showing from you cats as usual. Keep up the dopeness.

Dan- Man your big team scares me as much as rod’s does. I apologize for having to bust out cable against you in our matches but I had to do what had to be done. Nice meeting you other VA cats too.

Jackie tran- Man you are cool as shit dog. I had no idea who you were to start with when sami said we were staying with you then I remembered and was like Oh shit. This mutha fucka is like god in tekken. Good shit in everything you placed well in.

To all- I am thinking about dropping Scrub as my main team. I just cant seem to make it flow as good as I used to be able to. I play Santhrax a lot so maybe I should make it my main team. What you guys think? Also which mags team do you think I should play Row or MSS cuz I am good with both but maybe better with MSS. Let me know all criticism is appreciated even if it is bad.

I had a blast. I may not have done as well as I hoped in mvc2 but I did awesome anyway. I had the most fun playing in mike’s room as that prolly helped me out a lot cuz I learned a bunch of stupid tricks. Thanks for everyone’s help in making me better.