The REAL Fayetteville Results! 12/11


Long time no see, its been a while. I’m from MD A-Kyo player. I’m moving to GA in a few weeks. Do you all have regionals in NC? I might be coming back to CVS2.


What do you mean by “regionals in NC”. We have tournaments here in Fayetteville(arcade) and Durham(console).


A regional would be a tournament that you would have to comprise rankings within your area. Tournamnents that you would use to rank your state.


Finally got all of our footage up!!!

Includes 3S, CvS2, T5 Finals…

Check it out at

A codec for the MPEG2 can be found on our site. Also some the DLs seem to stop in the middle of the download making the file corrupt, if that happens please just try redownloading it. Any problems you may find please let me know.


not sure…but looks like your site is down(scrubtactics)…when shall it make its return???



Nice videos guys. I used to play ttt at Mindboggle back in '99 so I recognized a couple players from those days. Glad to see comp at my former arcade. :tup:

ShinGodfist, check your PMs.


Hey do you play at the Fairfield Tilt? I’ve played a few times and the people suck at CVS2… I’m stationed in NC


One of my old posts. OG stuff right here. Recognize @SNAAAAKE