The Real Guile FAQ

The Real Guile Thread

Ok, fuck it, the last guile thread was shut down and plagued by a lot of bullshit so i’m going to start a decent thread…

Note: i don’t have mvc2 with me so i can’t test for max damage on anything right now… If you look here in the future and my “note” is no longer present, then that means i started testing shit.

Strengths (shit you should abuse) and food for thought
c. fp is one of the most overprioritized launchers… very very few things can beat c. fp. This is your move of choice vs. tri-jumping magneto

j. roundhouse is also insanely overprioritized, strong, and accidentally turns into an air throw often… Used as air to air and a jump in.

air flash kick gives guile some heavily needed air mobility and a way to get rid of anyone trying to float over your head. also a viable way to dodge certain aaa (see cammy)

sonic boom keeps the pressure on, throw it any time you can do it without getting smacked. Marvel is all about having a bunch of crap on the screen so you’ll want to be chucking these like there’s no tomorrow… It creates little fun problems for your opponent once in a while such as assists getting snuffed. They will usually have to do something to get around it like superjump or they’ll stay in blockstun longer… which is what you want them to be in at all times.

qcb kk super is fuckin great… use it as an anti-pressure tactic… Someone’s on your ass, do it as long as you’re sure it’s going to hit. The super has invincibility on it and instant startup (it’s a cvs2-like super for anyone who hasn’t got the point of it) making it a useful tool… guard cancelling into the super allows easy dhc’s

Superjump fierce is your meter builder… If you’re getting your ass kicked and you really don’t think guile’s going to win or even dent your opponent, just start busting off these to build meter for your next character and get them in without guile dying (since his assists are extremely useful)

sj. jab and short are fine and dandy for superjumping at an opponent who is above you, but thats about it

His assists… Ok, you most likely want to be using his aaa because it is workable and has really odd trapping and zoning possibilites when teamed with cable, sentinel, charlie, bb hood on point.

The ugly reset… If you land an air combo in the corner, end it with a flash kick, wait a split second, and do the air super… it’s a gross looking trick but it does tend to work once in a while… this probably won’t work more then once a win streak. and yes, it is ugly.

Guile is not about hitting the big flashy combo that kills in one hit… like most weenie rushdown characters he is about wearing at your opponents consistently without dying.

Things not to use (aka, shit people used before they were decent at marvel)

air throws in air combos with guile are friggin useless because they are so easy to roll out of, and put the opponent at full screen, which sucks for you. reseting the match by activating flying screen in an air-combo is much easier to work with

do not connect a sweep with guile… it will be rolled out of and is effin useless when you can just hit short short qcf pp.

do not under any circumstance use qcf pp to punish assists unless you are going to hit the point character as well… all they have to do is push block out and you’re going to die… a local guile diehard around here trys to do this all the time and gets killed for it often.

Don’t disengage a fight by superjumping unless you are getting severly reamed and can’t figure out how to get in. guile’s strength comes in his ground game… he has to fight one on one to win

don’t ground flash kick… there are a few instances where i do use it (taking a carelessly rushing magneto off of my ass), but if blocked the opponent gets to combo you for free.

Character Specifics
I’m only covering the characters that people bitch and moan about losing to… maybe more if i get requests

Dasrik summed this fight up pretty well in his thread but lets go through this shit anyways.
When starting the match, normal jump jab jab roundhouse to get yourself started… i can’t remember if this works, but i’m sure i would try this… if the jab jab roundhouse hits, do the air kick super… i believe it should connect, then lay down the pressure with normal jump roundhouses, ground chains, projectile assists, and sonic booms, wash rinse repeat.
once sentinel gets away from you by superjumping or flying away, air flash kicks and jumping roundhouses will get him down… Guile has a fairly good ground game vs. the higher ranked characters and he should be played as such… Superjumping should only be used to either chase a point character or to build meter.
also, i’ve connected some really ugly corner combos on sentinel that work like, launch, jab short short, flash kick, air super… yes… this does connect somehow, i just can’t remember specifics.

Start off the match blocking, magneto is way faster then guile and you’re going to get hit for any heroics you pull, try to pushblock any opening attacks and throw sonic booms if you feel safe enough to do so… if he’s tri-jumping you to death, stick out a c. fp and see what happens… experiment, get a feel for it, and don’t get hit by whatever assist he has thats trying to kill you. jumping roundhouse is really good at keeping jump level magnetos away. If you get sonic booms in the mixup, you can usually get a few random hits… playing against magneto is odd because you have to poke at him like you’re playing cvs. if he superjumps… just wait for him to come down and launch him, don’t superjump after him like a hero because he’ll probably hit you with a short and death will ensue.

Start off the match blocking but don’t push her opening raid, it’s better if you fight an aggressive storm because it’s going to be a shitty match if you have to chase her… if she tries to run, use air flash kicks to bring her down, and c. fp when she hits the ground… use basic projectile traps to keep her grounded and jumping roundhouses in air to air situations… You don’t want storm to be in 3 places; above your head in an air to air situation, full screen distance, or right below you. each of these will usually end up with you having to block or die.

you are faster then cable at the beginning of the match, but usually this won’t do you any good and it’s a bad risk to take… If you are a split second late and he gets the low short, you’ll probably take a 60 percent damage combo to open the match.
if cable has an anti-air assist or sentinel behind him… don’t plan on winning or even coming too close… Guile can’t lock down or get in quickly like wolverine and cammy can and thus he gets beat on the ground… The trick to fighting cable with any shitty character is getting cable to superjump… if you can do that, you can usually start to get on his ass… if all else fails, just run around and build meter until the opposing cable gets frustrated and either blows off some supers or trys to attack you… Since a decent cable won’t be doing this, just have storm sitting behind guile so you can build meter and dhc into her.

doom is just as fast as guile at the starting line so just block or jump away. If you play against a doom that utilizes the ground game, it’s very difficult to beat him. most dooms jump around and try to trap you with photons though so just use basic wave dash underneath photons, jumping roundhouses, air flash kicks (be careful of photon arrays), and ghetto projectile lockdowns to keep doom from killing you.

ok… i’m tired and it’s late… more coming next week if i see enough interest here to continue.

dropping a money character isn’t the point of making threads like this…

the point of a thread like this is to get people fuckin around with him in casual play more often, and eventually building enough confidence to stick him on a tourney team…

I’ll tell you right now, bonerine/sentinel/guile can take out almost any team in the game, it just needs to work a little harder

Guile’s jump up+short is a good tool vs. Sentinel and Cable, because it hits so high up (think Psylocke jump short)… good way to catch Cables who try to come down on you with jump roundhouse, or Sentinels who fly high.

i think guile is like a forgotten warrior, he was one of the most popular fighters around the time when the game 1st came out, cus of his ez hyper combos, good assists, good moves all around, decent speed and dash, and also cus of his big Air Hypoer Combo.

untill players found how to break fighters like Magneto, Cable, Dr. Doom, ect

and the best thing about Guile is hes got the funniest Infinite combo in the game. its so fun to show off with, cus its so stupid

guile has an infinity??? what is it?

I have a few match up requests that I hope UCRollerblader (or anyone else who knows) will answer. How should Guile handle the following


-Spiral (backed up with Sentinal Ground assist, or cyclops AAA)


-Rogue (since she seems to have become a popular tournament



-Guile (Guile vs Guile is bound to happen and I’d like to know
what to do if I’m ever faced by it.)

Any insight on these match ups will be greatly appreciated.

Can someone please post the top 5 assists for Guile in order and why, and how to use them again?

Most of these characters you just play like you would using anyone else…

you can take out doom assist with jumping roundhouse as long as you hit him relatively early and strider isn’t totally on your ass… If you are close to strider and not in blockstun when he activates orbs… do qcb kk super… the invincibility should take out strider, if you dhc into hailstorm or something after striders almost dead.

for spiral, stay on her ass, if she has time to load swords you’re going to have a hell of a time trying to get through. bait out her aaa… make it whiff, don’t even let it keep you in blockstun. Against cyclops normal jump from right next to spiral when you hear him push the assist button… if you see her superjump to load swords, immediately super jump air flash kick to try to hit her out of loading or superjump roundhouse/short if you are close enough

juggernaut can’t beat jumping rh… you can super jump for free all day against him… air to air you win… all juggernaut can really do is super or throw into super you, so bait out a super and punish… sonic booms are safe as long as he’s not expecting them since headcrush can hit you on reaction

I haven’t really tested out the properties of this… but air flash kick will neutralize rh air demons, so thats one less thing to have to worry about… guile’s groundgame is far superior to blackhearts, plus you can get over his air demons… it shouldn’t be that much of a problem… the only thing i foresee as a problem is bh’s jump back fierce… throw sonic booms and projectile assists to overwhelm blackheart on the ground if he tries this.

I don’t play a lot of iceman’s with guile… but i don’t see why he should be a problem… your launcher will beat out almost all of his attacks, and guile is fast enough to dash under air fierce icebeams.

guile vs. guile… well it’s a mirror match like any other one in the game, try to keep more sonic booms on the screen then your opponent does to get him to jump… guile’s launcher will beat out and of guile’s air attacks… if they superjump over you, you can try air throwing, dashing under into launch or anything like that. having a projectile assist like charlie sonic booms/sentinel drones/ryu fireball/bb hood missle or a get off my ass assist like cammy aaa helps a lot when fighting against another guile. you have no reason to superjump in this match unless you need to build meter…

i can’t say i’ve even played a good rogue yet so i wouldn’t know how to beat her.

  1. sentinel ground assist (drones)- having sentinel as your assist character makes your ground game extremely solid. you can throw sonic booms, normal jump, do ground strings with relative safety.

  2. cyclops anti air assist- keeps people off of your ass and keeps them in blockstun for a decent amount of time, easy to air combo off of if it hits… easy to protect cyclops with sonic booms followed with normal jumps… sample attack string, jump forward, j. rh, dash forward, c. short. hold back, c. short + call cyclops, c. rh (1 hit or two depending on what you’re comfortable with), jab sonic boom, repeat. if any of this string hits it’s very easy to combo off of. once you’ve established that you can do this people will probably start mashing their aaa once they see you jump at them, replace the j. rh with calling cyke and blocking, landing and throwing another sonic boom… or you can usually do qcf pp to catch the assist (assuming cyke trades with the aaa) and then dhc

  3. bb hood projectile- Just try it out and see how you like it, if it hits you have a lot of time to otg it, when pushed early it works like an aaa just like magneto’s projectile assist works

  4. charlie projectile- moves slow, works very well for ground string traps and maintaining control of the ground (charlie aaa is also very good once you have an opponent cornered)

  5. doom anti air- used as you would use any other character with doom assist. if you need me to elaborate i will

thats all for now

guile eazy infin

ok this one iz way to eazy to mis out on c.hp sj.lp sj.lp then hold up air grab then when they hit the ground do it all over agen and there you go

Jesse: Guile dies to Blackheart. Bad. For free, almost. BH has a very basic plan that beats everything Guile does: Jumpback fierce. If he gets too close, switch to jab. If he superjumps, inferno. Guile can’t dodge it, and he can’t do shit if he airblocks so don’t worry.

Guile’s only hope is that BH forgets how long his roundhouse sticks out, so try to sneak that in and get a rush going. It might take awhile for BH to get you off of him once you get in close. If you have the right assist, of course.

I’ve been thinking about trying to utilize cable projectile assist to help against shit like that… if blackheart gets pinned down for a few seconds its a lot easier to stop the cycle or get him to do something stupid

I use Guile/Cammy/Cyc

Very effective team IMO.

in that team make sure you put guile on projectile assist to aid in your rushdown with cammy and cyclops


I smell a Guile with Spiral-a knifeball coming from da kitchen. Hope it’s good.

guile eazy infin

That’s not an infinite.

Guile Rocks!

I’m a new commer to Shoryuken… but I’ve been playing Guile since back in the day… he’s not only a knock around guy but he’s sooo valuable…

My team is Guile/capt. America/IronMan… I don’t need infinites or anything really flashy…

Guile is a fast super builder and sooo versitile… I do j.roundhouse into airsuper… great way to not only embarrass anyone but goes so smoothly into cap’s sheild super then into ironmans proton… very sick damage … or for more fun and embarrasment… Ironman’s proj. ass… j.f s.j s.j s.fp pp super into cap’s one hit supper and on caps last hit into the ground ironmans proton… good way to ruin anyone’s day

just foolin around… but has worked often against alot of top people in my area

my team is cable/sentinel/guile how long have you been playing MVC2 BuddyLee

following combo inspired by jose

in corner… launch, sj. hold up, short jab short fierce roundhouse, land, c. short, c. fierce, j. rh throw, c. short, c. fierce, sj. short short qcf kk air super

i think guile blows!!

that ugly reset on the first page…doesnt that only work on jugs?

and does it all connect? cuz if it does its not a reset.

a few things on guile cuz i play him often.

-s.F+fp: guiles spinning back fist has insane reach. i like to use this if a block a move and the opponent has a bit of lag. dash XX F+fp XX sonic hurricane. works just like cables dashing trick.

-when your opponent normal jumps you can j.lp (guard break) slight pause, air super and you’ll hit them most of the time just before the hit the ground.

-you can control the decent of guiles fall after the fp throw:

ex: launch > air combo > fp throw, hold forward, land,…etc.

or if you expect them to roll hold back and try and hit them as they get up.

-vs sent: guile can do deep, land, j.lp, j.lp, pause,, land, rejump repeat…end with air super.

-easy set up for the air super:

launch sj.[quickly] lp, lk, lp, slight pause, lp, lp, super.

-a few guile reset combo…

-launch, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk, (fp) throw, hold forward, land, flashkick super

-launch, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk, (fP) throw, hold forward, land,, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk, fp, fk.

in corner:

-launch, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk, (fP) throw, lp, lp XX air super

-launch, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk, fp, fk, delay, fk,, c.fp, pause, jump fk, throw, land,, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk, fp throw, lp, lp, air super.

vs doom in corner:

-launch, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk, (fp) throw, land, flaskick super…[wait for opponent to fall, juggle with flashkick super] x 3, j.lp, lp XX air super.

…i can only get it to work on doom

lol…vs sent combo o’ doom…in corner:, land, j.lp, j.lp,, land, j.lp, j.lp,, land, j.lp, j.lp + thanos capture,, land, j.lp, j.lp, XX air super,, c.fp, pause, jump up fk throw,, c.fp, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk, fp throw, land, flashick super, j.lp, j.lp + thanos, j.fp, bubble hits, [j.lp, j.lp,] x 4, land, dash in s.lp, s.lp, s.fp XX sonic hurricane XX power ball XX space XX into what ever…

bleh…i know these are all techable and rollable…