The Real Guile FAQ

I’ve got a way to do the Guile air super without launching.

U do a Standing Jab,Jab,Fierce punch and then press d,df,f,uf+kk.
U treat this move just like Cable’s AHVB which goes d,df,f+pp.

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thats impractical because A. the timing is very slim/late, B. it seems to hit at random, if they are half an inch too far away, it doesn’t work. better off with jab fierce qcf pp…

Thank you everyone for showing interest. any matchup requests?

Acutally it depends on the speed of the person inputting the command itself, I’m fast, but I can’t speak for everyyone else. And by the way that’s qcfuf+kk not qcf+pp.

ugh, i was not referring to the air super when i said qcf pp… i was explaining that it is better in all situations to use the qcf pp super… why? much easier to execute, hits assist’s, does about the same damage, dhc’s easily.

both of you are right cause they both work but the crossfire assault (qcf,uf kk) looks a lot better if you just lk lk right before doing it and you,ll land it every time

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only works on certain characters and in corner IIRC…

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