The Real Montreal February Thread


Alright, post away.

Rene u suck


un mois encore plus merdique que les autres


Sois pas pessimiste… 1 mois de + est un mois de plus pret de l’t 2004 :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello people I know I’ve never posted here before but I was wondering if anyone knows where the 2000+ in laval is? They closed the one at cote des Neiges and there’s just like 2000+ Downtown Mira and Pinocchio left and both 2000+ and Pinocchio’s MVC2 arcades suck as hell the controls are broken and there are no challenger and as for mira I live in Laval so Im too lazy to go all the way to Cote Vertu.


All the way to Cote Vertu???

so let me get this straight

U are willing to go to laval, cote des neiges and downtown, but not the “extremely” far arcade in cote-vertu? come on guy.


Fred je sais taime la maniere Veas s’habille.


Will there be any tournaments coming up??


Well I live In laval near Henri Bourassa!:bluu: So cote vertu IS really too far for me plus the mvc2 arcade is broken I went today (only bcuz my dad gave me a lift)


Smokey: There is a reason we don’t know much about Laval arcades. Nobody good plays there for it to be known, there is probably no competition for SF games anyways. Are you even sure they have MvC2? Even if they did, you will most probably be playing against the computer only.

Let me break it down for you:

If you want the best competition in Montreal for any SF game, come to Mira.

If you want to play on broken machines and/or against funny scrubs, go to Lanjeu or Amusement 2000+.


i live there too…it took me 20 min to get to cote vertu dude…
is nto far compare to dtw…just take the 171 all the way fo 20 min :bluu:


171? Aight then Ill be coming much more oftenly to Mira then thanks guys


Whats your team nigger smokey so I know who to beast on.


no probleme Mira is the best place to have a top challenge…
there good player in all games…compare to dtw n 2000…Mira own fo free!:lol: :cool:


I back that up totally :slight_smile: even for ggxx its great competition. Mira is the best place yet. 2000+ is a great place to play if your new to arcade machines and stuff. The scrubs there wont be you too easily, unless im there on the ggxx machine :cool:

Poul3t ;p anytime le rematch. Jai jouer a ggxx reload pis potemkin est un peu mieux, a part son air super. Sol a ete regulariser :wink: et est moins cheap quavant :stuck_out_tongue: enfin! :lol:

Is there gonna be another tourney soon? Like in the toronto\montreal\Nyc place? I could manage to get a car. or a van.


I was planning to do a tournament, but I don’t know how many people feel like showing up. If we do want one, when do you guys think is the best time to have it?

Also, in regards to tournaments outside Montreal I think a few of us are planning to attend ECC.


ecc ? enlighten me on that. Is there gonna be ggxx ?


sonicrain we should play GGXX that game is hype


anytime. just tell me when ill be there. cept for the week i work. but some days i start at around 4. so i can play in the afternoon :o


Bah…depends I play with diff teams all the time but this ar my best in their order:


Ive probably already seen you actually the only person who I really am sure to know is Ninja Sentinel


Bah. Reload c juste une facon de se faire plusse d’argent d’apres moi… neway je doute fort qui se rende jusqu’icitte en arcade, pis anyway.

Avez vous vu des vids de GGI ( Guilty Gear Ikusa ou Isuka entk la )

Ca l’air trop fucker

EDIT: Mauvais quote :o
EDIT #2 : La seule chose quia l’air le fun c’est qui ont fait Robo-Ky carment de A Z mais comment a marche sa bar de super qqun?