The Real Sonic Boom


this dude made the sickest Guile ever in 3D.


That’s pretty sick.

I was expecting to see a 3d version of the sonic boom, though.


it is it is, that guy has my respects though cause that shit is burning. the choice of accessories is a really nice touch.


It’s hot as hell, but creepy.


Guile’s Married?!


Damn man I miss messing around on 3D Max :sad:

That would be sick!!


Yeah, they even showed her in his HD ending.


This kind of stuff makes me wish SF4 took on a more serious approach. :\


I was thinking the same about Legend of Chun Li


Guile looks so manly and real.


yea, guiles win quote in ST is “go home and be a family man”


I knew the sf4 renders looked like shit


Budweiser on the belt did it for me.


isn’t there already a thread open on this?