Getting the first issue. I hope it’s as funny as E.C. Segar’s original comic strip. The animated versions are pale comparisons. Well the original Fleischer ones were really good but not the same.

Peter David wrote the Wedding of Popeye and Olive Oyl. Really entertaining if you can track that single issue down. Horrible artwork though. I can’t believe PAD brought back Olive’s ex, Ham Gravy. Ha someone else knows who he is. PAD rules.

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Hey I loved the Popeye cartoons, they were a part of my childhood >=P

Hope this means they’ll collect the classic Popeye comics in TPB as well.


All of Segar’s strips have been collected and the series wrapped recently, they brought out one book a year. 6 books in total. This is the first one.


Just read the first issue.

Segar’s comic strips are way funnier and the artwork seemed off here and there. However it was cute and it made me laugh once at least.

I’ll be back for issue 2 and just hope this is one of those comics that improves over time.

To be fair it’s really hard to live up to Segar’s work. The strip is about 80 years old and STILL funny as hell.


The litmus test is this: are Popeye’s eyes squinty or wide open?


Tru dat. The original Popeye only has one eye, his left. Way back in one of the promotional ads for the strip Popeye said the story behind how he lost his right eye was too horrible to describe lol!

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Issue 2 was great! Can’t believe they did a Sappo story! Oh and there’s a nod in there to Gyro Gearloose from Duck Tales and Carl Barks’ Disney comics. Good stuff!