The Real Suprise!

folks this HAS to be it…read the link


i bet udon is doing the art!!! holy crap!!!


Street Fighter RPG eh?Hmmm… I don’t know about that. I’d prefer Street Fighter 4.

Kind of doubt it. I knew about the Role Playing Game for a while.


Not only we knew that already, but it is pretty lame too.

Actually, the makers of the Role Playing game have used TiamatRoar’s SF Plot Guide as a reference and will credit him and Saiki (Their real names of course) as contributers. TiamatRoar could only credit two other people so not all us Plot Guide people will be mentioned, I don’t know if TiamatRoar gave Clay or Siegfried’s name, but it is an honor for all of us Plot Guide Regular Contributers to have the Guide referenced for an RPG. I don’t play Role Playing Games but I’ll be sure to pick this one up to shout out my boyz TiamatRoar and Saiki.:smiley:


good guess… but…

doesn’t anyone read the newrama articles. It mentions almost every guess people have done.

Well, since I used to play DnD…I guess I’ll have to pick it up :smiley:

Besides, if it specifically credits Tiamat’s FAQ…that’s just too good.

I agree, it is quite an honor for Tiamat’s Plot Guide to be used as reference, but to quote Tiamat, “I wonder what kind of world we live in when a company has to go to a fan-made plot guide for canon info. Hey Capcom, can’t you guys be nice enough to give your own official storyline to the people that purchase the rights to use them?” That’s pretty sad on Capcom’s part.

the so-called “secret project” couldn’t possibly be an rpg due to several reasons… the most obvious is that in the press release it specifically states that LIVING ROOM GAMES is developing the rpg… secondly, Udon is involved in comics and art related projects… so if they were to have anything to do with the rpg, it would probably be the box artwork etc.

Oh, you know it!

If Erik said that they were initially only going to work a month on the project, I don’t think it’s going to be as ambitious as some people’s suggestions (ie, an animated series). They have gone over schedule on it though…

I’m guessing that it’s a collection of UDON-produced art? Like an artbook, or a calendar? That sounds like the kind of project that could be worked on within a one-month time frame.

Hmmm a calendar? That sounds probable (and kool too)… :smiley:

And they should put a Twelve portrait on December…


A Street Fighter RPG would most likely be laaaame :confused:

I wonder whats system is the rpg for.Is it for ps2 or computer.How is it like.Does it play like final fantasy.I bet the game makes you play with ryu and makes you fight different fighters around the world.

For the last time, IT’S NOT A VIDEO GAME PEOPLE! IT’S A PEN AND PAPER RPG, LIKE Dungeons and Dragons!

DAMN! :eek:

You know I’d play it. I never got into P&P RPGs, but I’d try it just for Street Fighter. But how would the campaigns go?

Ryu, Ken, and Guile encounter a hostile orc!

Ken: AAAGH!!!

Ryu: Ken! Are you okay?!

Ken: That damn orc nearly chopped my arm off!

Ryu: Ah…Don’t worry Ken! I’ll patch that up for you! CURERYUKEN!

Ken: Thanks! Oh shit, there goes that orc! He’s headed for Guile!

Guile: I’ll be fine! MAGIC CUFFS!

Guile waves around his Messiah’s Staff and catches the orc, paralyzing him and moving him some twenty feet in mid-air.

Ryu: Wow! Awesome! Ken, can you finish the job?




HAHAA, bowling pin, that’s too much… jokes man