The REAL Tournament

BEST TOURNAMENT EVER. It sucks that some of those match-ups are bad


Seen a bunch of these, figured I’d bump the awesome.

It’s so savage…it remind me of Japanese TV shows as a kid…giant monsters battling! Honestly** too epic**, though they should invest in a small city replica for them to fight in.

ads suck.

i love the one where thet’re on a stump surrounded by water, “FIGHT OR DROWNED”.
i knew the beetles would be god tier, if they can close their jaws its gg.

Seriously. Beetles are just tanks. My views on scorpions has been shook for the first time in over a decade and a half. Beetleborgs are suddenly very cool. Kamen Rider is still boss.

I didn’t plan on posting anything, but I must say that your new Afro Luffy avatar is dope Dugg.