The realm of possibility

A while ago I posted a pretty comprehensive list of ways to land shippu with Ken. Including all the wacky corner throw, cancelled hurricane stuff etc. I’m wondering if anybody has, or would mind typing up, something similar for Twelve? Exactly what he can link, cancel etc and against who. I’m just as interested in what’s possible as I am in what’s actually practical.

Yeah, I could glean this info from sitting down and taking notes from every Twelve combo vid ever put together, but I just can’t find the time these days. Besides if we got a list going it would benefit more folks, as a quick reference, than just myself.

I could probably start us off with most of his normals and specials, but I’m too tired to fire the old X-Box up :frowning:


Okay, some early results…

Don’t think any of Twelves normals link into one another. I haven’t tested any crouching, meaty, reset or stun combos yet though.

Normals: Almost all normals and jumping normals can be landed after NDL (EX) in the corner. Dunno’ about crouching normals though.

#Anybody know if MK super jump cancels into standing specials?
#Anybody know if AIR AXE can be followed up after landing?
#Anybody know if DIVE can be followed up after landing?
#Isn’t there a way to cancel XFLAT off air AXE or something?


AXE (LP): :lp:, :lk:, close :mp:, :l: + :mk:, :d: + :lp:, :d: + :lk:, :u: + :mk:, :u: + :mp:, :u: + :mk:, :u: + :hp:, :u: + :hk:, NDL (EX)
AXE (MP): close :mp:, :l: + :mk:, :u: + :hk:, :u: + :hp:, NDL (EX)
AXE (EX): close :mp:, :l: + :mk:, :u: + :hk:, :u: + :hp:, NDL (EX)

AIR AXE (MP): Nothing?
AIR AXE (HP): Nothing?

DIVE (LP): Nothing?
DIVE (MP): Nothing?
DIVE (HP): Nothing?

NDL (LP): N.D.L. (EX)
NDL (MP): ??
NDL (HP): ??
NDL (EX): ??

XNDL: NDL (LP)$, NDL (EX)$, NDL (EX)$$, :lp: + :lk:, close :mp:, :mk:, :l: + :mk:!, :lk:, :d: + :lk:, all jumping normals. All AXE (including EX). UOH.

XFLAT: :mk:%., :lp: + :lk:.

$ Appears to cancel at point blank.
$$ Juggles.
vs Hugo if he doesn’t tech roll after neutral throw.
% Must be super-jump cancelled.
! Tricky. :qcf:, :l: + :mk:, :hcf:, (drum) :lp:, :mp:, :hp:

Don’t rely exclusively on these results though. It can be tough to determine whether XNDL (in particular) actually combos, due to it’s wildly varying number of hits. Auto stun cannot be used to overcme this, because it extends the frame advantage of the move being tested :sad:.

Hmmm… I thought he only had a couple reliable ways to hit confirm… x lp whippy arms xx SA1 xx SA1 SJC SA1

Maybe you could also do back throw -> SA1? I haven’t tried that out…

c.LK, c.LK xx SA1. Seems like a pretty good hit-confirm on paper, but it’s a hard chain to do consistently. MK xx super doesn’t require a superjump cancel. Oh and meaty (or just perfectly spaced) UOH into super, or UOH, c.LP/c.LK xx super are also possible. b+MK xx SA1 is a combo too but I don’t know how you would apply it any differently than regular MK. Back throw SA1 doesn’t work.

Neutral throw > SAI on Hugo, if he doesn’t tech-roll. There are air resets into super as well - anti-air jab xx SAI, air-to-air MP > SAI… quite a few of them. It’s pretty easy to parry SAI off a reset though, so I tend not to use it (reset into regular/EX NDL is better). Someone on this forum was playing around with using c.MP as a meaty attack to combo into other stuff a while back - don’t know if it combos into SAI or not but even if it did, Twelve has better options.

c.LK xx LP AXE XX SAI is your best bet though. Gives you enough time to hit confirm. cl.MP xx SAI for punishment situations.

close MP XX MP swingyarms XX SA1 gives you ridiculous time to hit confirm SA1 due to startup of MP swingyarms
and close MP is decent meaty too i think

edit: but maybe MP swingyarms isnt completely safe on block XX ima scrub

Crouching short links into crouching short, but I don’t think two crouching shorts go into SAI. Considering crouching short’s negligible hit-stun, it doesn’t usually doesn’t go into SAI unless you do it from point-blank range, so I’m not sure if two crouching shorts will work for comboing into super.

Don’t forget universal overhead into SAI. Doing uoh into super doesn’t require the opponent to be crouching and you don’t have to use it as a meaty, it just requires correct range. If you’re in the right range, it’s a very easy and useful hit confirm into super.

Also, crouching strong does indeed go into SAI, but it’s considerably less useful than neutral standing forward and close standing strong.


Thanks for the contributions. Keep em coming.

I tried,, SA1 and I can’t make my mind up. It looks as though the dummy may be able to block before the super hits, but doesn’t. You know what I mean right? Anyway, it’s too close for me to call.

Kara UOH is also really nice for landing the super.

I’m certain Twelve can meaty UOH into crouching something, but I’ve not put up anything I haven’t tested so far, just to be sure.

I checked if XNDL sets up a juggle state by being hit out of it with Dudley’s rose. Even though you recover instantly, you can’t juggle them or anything. Booo :frowning:

Anyone know any good XCOPY combos? :rofl:

UOH, link cr. LK, XNDL
u dont have to throw in the LK works with or without

I’ve seen a link done on a crouching Hugo in a combo vid but I cant verify it
Crouching MP, link crouching LK, SA1

EX NDL, juggle with XNDL
though not recomended. No damage and waste of bar. Stylish way to end a match maybe

for the cr. LKx2 thing to work it can be almost character specific. Like it would only connect on a Shoto in the corner, though I have done it outside the corner on other opponents just cant remeber whom

cr.LK cr.LK XNDL works, it just has to be cancelled immediately, and sometimes range/character width plays a role.

EX NDL in some situations can be followed up with st.LP or st.MP, if the EX NDL cause a dizzy then i theorise that st.HK is possible.

I’ve been trying to see if I can get XFLAT to connect after an AXE but the lag is too long on recovery to jump in time. I’m thinking maybe EX AXE if the last hit of the move connected and it caused a dizzy then the opponent would be in the air long enough but (shrug)

This is just another theory combo but, opponent crosses Twelve up, Twelve EX NDL, opponent flies over head XNDL or st.LP > XNDL??? Not sure whether the opponent will fall through whether they are too low or LP will bump them too high for good hits. Well I can dream.

Mark, I’d say learn cr.LK xx LP AXE xx X.N.D.L. before you start trying cr.LK, cr. LK xx X.N.D.L. The former is an easy enough hit confirm and works on all characters, so it’s extremely useful. Plus it looks cooler :wgrin:

EX NDL can be followed up with st.LP or st.MP if it hits in the corner (and you’re close enough), st.MP if you anti-air someone trying to cross you up. I don’t know about X.N.D.L. after anti-airing a crossup though. Interesting idea. Should look pretty dope if it works too.

X.C.O.P.Y. combos are pretty ghetto but the best set-up to work with is anti-air jab (maybe strong too?) AXE near the corner cancelled into X.C.O.P.Y. this sets up a juggle state for Ken shoryu, Urien shoulder, Remy RRF, Dudley uppercut, etc etc. Like I said, pretty ghetto, given how specific it is. I’ve been messing around with X.C.O.P.Y. versus Ken a lot recently (because I hate playing Ken players with a passion) and haven’t really found anything useful combo wise, mainly because the ‘drop’ back down to the ground after Twelve does X.C.O.P.Y. ruins nearly all combo opportunities.

XFLAT only stocks one bar. If you burned meter on the EX, you couldn’t super :sad:

NDL (EX), AXE (any) xx XNDL is cool in the corner. IIRC you can also land NDL (EX), MK xx XNLD, but the super only lands one hit :frowning:

Never mind that! Does it look cool? :wgrin:

u can juggle with plenty of things after a anti-air AXE (LP) (1 hit). Including an X.F.L.A.T. but it whiffs most hits, like an 11 damage combo, not much damage either. Not at all worth it, hard to pull off but it does look cool.