The reason that UMVC3 is coming out so early is

Nobody seems to be bringing this up. Japan had a massive natural disaster that nearly caused a nuclear meltdown bigger than Chernobyl.

The earthquake is the reason we have ultimate marvel? I’m sure when we buy the remake some of the money will go to rebuilding then right?

This has been discussed in the UMvC3 thread.

Reasoning isnt even important. UMvC3 is real. Get with it or get lost. Stop trying to convince others it’s good or bad. Do you.

Yet it had no effect on AE DLC… Weird.

Seriously who cares why it is or isn’t coming out when it is? We’re going to buy it and play the hell out of it whatever the reason.

People would think that we’d have seen this by now… (Sorry, OP)

Yea…to think that so many people are arrogant enough to complain about them releasing Ultimate MVC3 after they had to deal with and experience a national disaster like that. smh. If people cared this much about what’s going on in their respective government a lot of us (I’m in the USA) wouldn’t be going through so much economic turmoil. Pfft, gamers sucks teeth.

MvC3 released less than month before the earthquake.

AE was in arcades thus already complete back in December.

what do you mean by “nearly”? you do realize that the fukushima dai-ichi power plant experienced a FULL NUCLEAR MELTDOWN and is still to this day releasing a crap ton of radiation right?

This, I really love this easy mode… it makes things… easy… :lol: